2019 Chinese Dovetail and Dowel Plywood Drawer Boxes

Plywood Drawer Boxes

If you’re searching for “plywood drawer boxes“, “plywood drawers”, or “plywood dovetail or dowel drawer boxes”,  you’ve come to the right place! Drawer Connection is your #1 source for quality, efficient turnaround, and affordability.

We use the finest quality BlaticBirch Plywood, the traditional choice material for construction and cabinetry. Using the best quality plywood is the deciding factor in the durability and lifespan of your drawer boxes. Our affordable and quality products can be produced to a schedule so you can be confident knowing you are you are not only getting the best products in the industry but also superior customer service.

Dovetail and Dowel Plywood Drawer Boxes

It is important to remember there are two ways drawers are constructed to link or join together.

Dovetail drawer boxes are great because they can construct a drawer without using mechanical fasteners using what is known as a dovetail joint. While Dowel drawers use joints that are incredibly strong.

Select either Dovetail Drawer Box or Dowel Drawer Box to begin placing your order.  If you want to have any options such as angled drawers, plumber drawers, drawer in drawer, or trash rollout select your option now.  Once you’ve done that follow the ordering steps below to submit your order.

Select Drawer Box Wood Type

1. Select Wood Type – Select if you’d like to have your plywood drawer boxes made from FSC Certified lumber along with if you want the drawers to be finished or unfinished.

Select Drawer Box Side Thickness

2. Select Sides Thickness – Select how thick the sides should be from 1 of 3 thickness options. You may choose from 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ thicknesses for your drawer box order.

Select Drawer Box Assembly Method

3. Select Assembly Method – Next select if you want your plywood drawer box order to come assembled or flat packed with bottoms and ready for you to assemble yourself.

Select Drawer Box Bottom Material

4. Select Bottom Material – Select the bottom material of your choice from finished or unfinished solid wood types, no bottom, or even custom bottoms for your drawer box order.

Select Drawer Box Bottom Thickness

5. Select Bottom Thickness – There is an option for how thick you want the bottom of your drawers to be.  You may choose 1/2, 1/4, or no bottom section for your drawer boxes.

Select Drawer Box Bottom Placement

6. Select Bottom Placement – You will also need to select where you would like the bottom of the drawer to be fabricated.  Customers can choose from a variety of heights or flush.

Select Drawer Box Top Edge Finishing

7. Select To Edge/Finishing – Drawer box clients can also choose the top edge finish they prefer from clear foil, birch foil, matching PVC, or finishing for after assembly.

Select Drawer Box Undermount Notching

8. Select Undermount Notching – You can choose from a wide variety of undermount notching that prepares your drawer boxes for the type of glides you plan to install.

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