The inflection point of panel furniture is coming

The inflection point of panel furniture is coming

Until the end of September last year, the market could not conclude the decline of panel customized furniture, but by the fourth quarter of last year, reports from enterprises had been bad. Sure enough, according to last year’s annual report, the fourth quarter of last year was the turning point of customized furniture.

In the first quarter of this year, panel customized furniture companies generally submitted poor performance reports.

This is the first time in the past few years, or even more than a decade, that panel customized furniture has suffered a heavy blow.

Is the inflection point of panel furniture a short-term or long-term dilemma?

It seems that this decline can no longer be explained by the slump in the real estate market. Because the real estate market has been ups and downs, customized furniture has been a boom in the past.

Is customized panel furniture facing short-term difficulties or the starting point of long-term difficulties?

What is the bottleneck of customized furniture growth

Why do custom furniture flock in the market?

Some people say that the rise of panel customized furniture is due to the real estate enterprises hollowed out the purse of buyers, consumers can only buy cheap customized furniture. In my opinion, there is no reliable evidence to support the theory of lack of money. Customized furniture has its advantages, for example, it can make full use of every inch of home space, style is more uniform.

So why is the sudden growth of customized panel furniture exhausted?

In my opinion, the most important reason is the upgrading of consumption. At present, the decline of the development speed of customized furniture is obviously the consumer’s dissatisfaction with the traditional plate customized furniture, they need more advanced customized furniture. This can be confirmed by the development of some small-scale customized enterprises with good performance growth.

With the increase of income level, consumers need not only upgrade the material of customized furniture, but also upgrade the traditional aesthetic level of customized furniture.

Fission of Customized Home Market

People’s demand for the overall beautification of home space also gave birth to the development of customized furniture. In the future, this demand will only be strengthened, not weakened. From these two perspectives, the development space of customized furniture is still huge. Although the development speed will decline, the market share will decline very limited, and even if properly handled, it may continue to expand.

But the interior of customized furniture market will undergo significant changes and new forces will emerge. As a huge new force, its interior is undergoing fission.

The most important change is the customization of finished furniture, which will become a powerful constructive force to share the market share of traditional customized furniture enterprises.

Promoted by Dongguan Famous Furniture Development, in recent years, finished furniture enterprises have been transforming to high-end customization, and some of them have achieved considerable results.

The first China Furniture Customization Exhibition and Dongguan International Design Week, which will be held in Dongguan on July 7, is a collective impact of traditional furniture forces on the field of customization.

According to the information disclosed by the organizers of this exhibition, the transformation from finished furniture enterprises to customized furniture is not simply imitation, but upgrading and innovation.

At the July Full House Customization Exhibition, there are not only Pavilion 3 and Pavilion 8 with high-end customized brands, but also the design material selection Pavilion for designers. At the same time, the Full House Full Assembly Exhibition, Mobile Model Room, Catering Space Design Exhibition and Software Customization Pavilion are all new things, which are worth watching. At the same time, inheriting the advantages of famous furniture exhibition, some brand furniture enterprises launched unique customized furniture products, but also to meet the customized needs of high-end users.

Customized furniture industry will become more colorful because of the full involvement of famous furniture exhibition. The value of customized furniture will be stronger because of the participation of finished furniture enterprises.

Where is the future of custom furniture?

It is expected that a hundred flowers will blossom in the field of customized furniture, and it will also be the only way for the market.

In the future, the development of panel customization may slow down, but the share of solid wood customization and whole wood customization will increase, and the new furniture customization enterprises that pay more attention to space design will also gain a larger market share.

Due to the different level of consumer consumption, new individualized customization, such as panel customization, solid wood customization, product furniture and design elements integration, will find their own position in the future furniture market and enrich the connotation of customized furniture.

China’s economy is gradually becoming mature, and the maturation characteristics of customized furniture will become more and more obvious.

To adapt to the decline in total consumption in the market for survival, to adapt to the slowdown in the speed of development in the market, the rapid progress can only be temporary, stable development is long-term sustainable, but also the common characteristics of mature economies.

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