Three in one connector PK wooden tenon connection

Wood tenon connection: refers to the metal connection parts such as nails, claws and hooks are not used. Like the Forbidden City building is the wooden tenon connection method Three in one connector: also called eccentric connector, it is composed of eccentric wheel, connecting rod and embedded rubber particles. The materials are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc Because the wood tenon connection does not use the metal connecting rod, all rely on the wood concave convex structure for connection. The three in one connector is composed of metal and plastic, which is easy to assemble and fast Wooden tenon is made of wood, and the price is expensive. Professional CNC equipment is required for machining, and the hole must be completely vertical or parallel to the plate. Therefore, the price of wood tenon connection technology is more expensive The three in one connector requires low machining accuracy and can be processed manually. There are many eccentric parts manufacturers with large output and lower price than mortise joint Summary: the wood tenon connection technology is complex and the price is high, and the three in one connection parts almost occupy the whole household market with economic benefits Furniture hardware three in one connector is often used in our daily life, such as nuts, eccentric parts, etc., which we have used, but we do not know that those accessories are furniture hardware three in one connector.

This paper introduces the knowledge of furniture hardware three in one connector for your reference Three in one furniture hardware three in one connector consists of three parts: nail and slot Falcon structure in traditional carpentry is three in one They are eccentric head (also known as eccentric nut, eccentric wheel, eccentric part, etc.), connecting rod (bolt), embedded nut (expansion bolt, plastic commonly known as plastic particle).

Three in one connector material

  1. Eccentric head material: generally there are zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, but zinc alloy is the main material on the market; 2. Connecting rod material: generally there are three kinds of materials, including iron, zinc alloy and iron + plastic. Among them, the domestic furniture manufacturers generally use iron and zinc alloy materials, but the requirements are not so high, so the domestic common use of iron + plastic connecting rod
  2. Embedded nut: zinc alloy, plastic and nylon are the most common materials. The three materials have their own advantages. Different materials can be selected according to different requirements of customers Bolt furniture hardware three in one connector is used for vertical connection between panel furniture boards. Some special connectors can realize horizontal connection between two boards and interactive connection between three boards. It is generally used for medium density board, high density board and particleboard.

Characteristics of furniture hardware three in one connector

  1. Three in one connection reduces the use of adhesive and makes it more environmentally friendly.
  2. Concealment. The three in one connection is not visible from the outside surface
  3. Three in one connection can be disassembled many times. This is also one of the characteristics of panel furniture.
  4. Embedded nut — special for reinforcement; connecting rod — special for connection; eccentric head — solve the problem of locking between plates

Installation method of three in one connector of embedded nut furniture hardware

  1. First, knock the tip of the plastic embedded part down into the round hole of the board, and make sure it is flat with the board after entering.
  2. Then screw the screw into the embedded part until the lower metal thread part can not be seen. Pay attention not to over tighten it to prevent the embedded part from tripping.
  3. Lower the side plate of screw in to align with the plate hole to be inserted, and pay attention not to bend the screw.
  4. Cross the eccentric part outward and align it with the exposed screw.
  5. Continue with the above steps, just rotate and tighten the eccentric parts.

Precautions for three in one connection of furniture hardware

  1. The three in one connection reduces the use of adhesives, but there is also a problem of instability, which can only be stabilized after nailing the back panel of furniture.
  2. In order to achieve the effect of concealment without gaps, it is necessary to knock the embedded parts into the board completely, so that the three in one connector can not be seen from the external surface, and the gaps are not easy to appear.

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