Solid wood furniture waterborne paint will become a hot trend

Family is the place where people live every day, especially the elderly and children stay indoors for a longer time, so the requirements for coating are also higher. No matter how good solid wood furniture is, there is no perfect decoration and protection of paint film. At present, water-based paint with high environmental protection performance has gradually become the mainstream product. The wide application of waterborne paint in solid wood furniture can shape different types of furniture styles.

It can be seen that the application of water-based paint in solid wood furniture is becoming more and more mature. Water-based paint has its advantages and characteristics in the aspects of health, environmental protection, quality performance and construction cost of solid wood furniture. Compared with oil-based paint, it is more suitable for home use. Compared with environmental protection and health, waterborne paint has more advantages.

Environmental protection furniture has become the mainstream, solid wood furniture waterborne paint has become a hot trend, which is mainly related to the following advantages of waterborne paint:

  1. Non toxic and environmentally friendly

Water based paint is a high-tech, non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection product with water as diluent solvent and ultra-low VOC content. The organic solvent (banana water and Tianna water) is used as diluent for oil paint, containing benzene, toluene, xylene and their derivatives. In addition, curing agent (including TDI) is also used for polyester paint, so the toxicity of polyester paint is higher, followed by nitrocellulose paint.

  1. Safety

Water based paint uses water instead of organic solvent, and its products are safe and non combustible. It greatly reduces the risk factors and troubles in the production and circulation links. And the oil paint contains benzene, xylene, acetone, solvent gasoline, Tianna water are highly flammable and explosive goods.

  1. Good flexibility

The flexibility of water-based paint means that it can have a good adhesion to the wall, and it will not fall off easily, so as to reach a perfect combination point, which is also the most surprising place among the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint.

  1. No pungent smell

Water based paint uses water instead of organic solvent, its product will not produce any irritating smell when it is applied. And oily paint contains organic solvent, will be in the process of brushing and drying volatilization to the air, directly stimulate the human body’s sensory organs.

  1. You can move in after painting

The water-based paint is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally safe; you can move in after brushing. Because the organic solvent of oily paint will volatilize harmful gas in the process of drying, the houses decorated with oily paint can not be directly occupied after painting, and need ventilation for a period of time.

  1. Wear resistance, yellowing resistance and durability

The water-based paint adopts advanced film-forming and self crosslinking technology to make the surface of the paint film hard, wear-resistant and flexible, and won’t turn white due to collision; moreover, the paint film remains clear and transparent for years; the UV accelerated aging is tested according to the national standard for 168 hours without yellowing, with good durability. However, the oil paint is easy to collide and turn white, easy to turn yellow and unable to maintain the effect for a long time.

  1. Easy construction

The water-based paint is only diluted with water, instead of adding Tianna water or curing agent, which is easy to be used in direct construction; while the oil-based paint is added with Tianna water or related curing agent, which must be in accordance with the fixed proportion, so the oil-based paint needs the guidance of professional personnel in the construction process.

The water-based paint of solid wood furniture uses water level solvent, does not contain benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, free and other harmful substances and toxic heavy metals, does not volatilize irritating smell, is harmless to human body and does not pollute the environment. In addition to safety and environmental protection, the advantage of water-based paint is to make the home paint film full and crystal clear, and to overcome the long-term problems of yellowing and cracking of paint film, so the application of water-based paint for solid wood furniture is inevitable.

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