Notes on production and processing of solid wood furniture

The traditional technology of solid wood furniture processing, which is caused by the production cycle and the production process can not be replaced and omitted, has been a headache for many enterprises. What aspects should be paid attention to in the solid wood furniture processing technology?

I. processing accuracy

Machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual value of the size, geometry and other parameters obtained after machining of the part is consistent with the theoretical value of the size, geometry and other parameters specified on the drawing. The higher the degree of conformity, the smaller the deviation, the higher the machining accuracy; on the contrary, the larger the machining error, the lower the machining accuracy.

II. Processing error

Machining error is the deviation between the actual value of the dimension, geometric shape and other parameters obtained after machining and the theoretical value of the dimension, geometric shape and other parameters specified on the drawing.

In the processing of any part, there will be processing errors, which is inevitable. The level of machining accuracy of parts is only a relative concept. Absolutely accurate parts only exist in theory, but in fact, they cannot be machined. Machining accuracy and machining error are essentially two aspects of one problem.

III. surface roughness

In the process of wood processing, due to various factors such as wood species, material, moisture content, texture direction, working state of machine tool processing, geometric accuracy of cutter, cutting direction, process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, feed progress, spindle speed, number of blades), various processing traces are generated on the processing surface. This processing trace is called wood Material surface roughness, that is, the rough degree of the product surface.

In order to reduce the surface roughness, several measures are generally taken:

  1. In plane milling, increase the diameter of cutting element, increase the rotating speed of cutter head, increase the number of blades and reduce the feeding speed within the allowable range;
  2. When cutting, pay attention to the feeding direction, and cut along the grain;
  3. According to the quality of the material and the size of the machining allowance, adjust the cutting amount properly and master the feed speed;

In addition to the above points that need attention in processing, in order to be able to better, faster and more accurate processing of irregular parts of solid wood furniture, many enterprises will choose to use multi axis processing equipment.

Three axis machining center of time switch

The intelligent and information-based three-axis machining center has a more intelligent software system, which makes the equipment system more efficient and can effectively liberate the labor force. While ensuring the stability, the machining is efficient and high-quality, and the functional characteristics are also very comprehensive.

The use of multi axis machining center can well replace the traditional vertical milling, hanging and drilling, effectively saving the production cost of the enterprise. Please continue to pay attention to more highlights.

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