A comprehensive interpretation of the knowledge of door jams

A comprehensive interpretation of the knowledge of door jams

An excellent wooden door can bring people a shocking effect. A good wooden door needs a good door jamb to match with. Today we will talk about the relevant content of the door jamb.

What is the door jamb line?

The door pocket line is called the door pocket edge line. As the pressing / clamping strip of the door pocket, it is a line existing with the existence of the door pocket. The door pocket line material is used according to the materials and colors of the door and the door pocket. At present, the door pocket line materials include solid wood, density board, multilayer board, wood plastic, plastic steel, polymer, stone (imitation stone), gypsum, magnesium aluminum alloy, etc.

Requirements for door pocket design

Door pocket design includes modeling design and structural design. For door pocket products, product structure must be selected before modeling design.

  1. Meet the use function of the door

The relative wall has the function of expansion and adjustment, which can adapt to the thickness deviation caused by the construction of the wall.

  1. Good decoration

The exterior curve shape of the door jamb line plays a decorative role. A good door jamb line shape can improve the grade and design sense of the wood jamb door. At the same time, the curve shape of the door pocket line plays an important role in the overall style of wooden doors.

Wooden door as a modern category of the use of a large category, the production of its door set line is also the most important.

Production and processing of wooden door thread

As a typical wooden work piece with profile curve processing, the wood door sleeve line needs surface treatment of multiple processes. Milling, sanding, coating and other processes often need to spend a lot of energy and time.

  1. Material selection and ingredients: the moisture content of wood in the wood door jamb line shall be ensured to prevent cracking and deformation.
  2. Cut and plane logs: cut and plane logs into strips.
  3. Use a special machine to plane the wood strip into the door jamb line. It should be noted that the thicker door jamb line needs to be slotted at the back to prevent cracking and deformation.
  4. Automatic sanding of door pocket line

In the manufacturing process of door jamb line, sanding of line is always a big problem that puzzles the production of enterprises. Door jamb plate and door jamb line need careful sanding treatment. Poor processing will only reduce the production speed of door jamb, thus increasing the production cycle of wooden door. There are some problems in traditional artificial sanding, such as low efficiency, not careful sanding, uneven sanding and missing sanding.

Using professional line sanding machine can realize fast and even line sanding, neither long nor short material is a problem. At the same time, good line sanding machine can finish fine sanding of all angles of the line at one time.

It’s not only wood door and wood cover lines, but also other types of decorative lines, such as siding lines, skirting lines, ceiling lines, etc. the line sanding production line has many advantages.

Door jambs are an important part of wooden doors. Intelligent and efficient sanding production line can realize high-quality and efficient automatic production. Please continue to pay attention to more highlights.

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