A World Leading Manufacturer in the Kitchen Cabinetry Industry

A World Leading Manufacturer in the Kitchen Cabinetry Industry

GoldenHome began manufacturing high quality kitchen and bath cabinetry in 1999, in Xiamen, China. Today, with more than 1,500 dealers and franchise locations across China, Australia, the Middle East, and North America, millions of families worldwide enjoy the style and quality of cabinetry manufactured by the company. GoldenHome is now listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange Market, Code 603180, and the company has become one of world’s leading cabinet manufacturers.

GoldenHome is also proud of its industry leading available capacity. The company owns two manufacturing bases in China, one at its Xiamen headquarters and the other in Jiangsu Province, covering a total area of 830,000 square meters. These two manufacturing bases can produce more than 13 thousand cabinets every day, making the company among tier 1 kitchen cabinet manufacturers at the global level.

The success of GoldenHome can be attributed to the high quality of products and the global partnerships of our supply chain. These strong partnerships allow the company to select environmentally friendly materials and insure premium quality.  GoldenHome regards the customer’s health as our top concern, so we carefully select environmentally friendly materials. We control the materials from the very beginning, which ensures the raw material meets the standard of E1, KCMA, CARB 2, etc. for different countries. State of the art automated manufacturing equipment, including German Lacquer techniques, combined with recognized Industry experts give GoldenHome precise manufacturing, outstanding finishes, and modern fashion forward designs.

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