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What we have been doing is to produce healthy, environmental friendly and practical high-quality household furniture products such as Kitchen cabinets ,far infrared sauna ,wardrobes ,bath vanities cabinets ,wood moulding ,windown and door products for our customers.

Since the establishment of the factory, we have been working hard to serve customers who have quality requirements for furniture, and at the same time provide high-quality service and advantageous prices.

We have a very good brand reputation in many countries and regions, with growing design, production and sales and after-sales team, as well as long-term support for our foreign sales agents and importers and consumers.

Our branch plants and raw material bases in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam give our raw materials a real sense of quality assurance and price advantage.

Welcome domestic and foreign buyers and consumers to visit our factory and guide and negotiate business.



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In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to find a great furniture manufacturer in  China , how to get access to  furniturecabinetsdepot.com   Sourcing’s database. This is an ultimate guide so we cover every topic from the best Furniture trade shows in  China  to an overview of types of wood and methods used. 

 What type of Furniture and wooden goods are made in  China

China ‘s furniture and wooden goods industry is well established. Many of the factories  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  works with have been established for decades. As a result, the industry is very diversified and can make a very wide range of goods. If it can be made of wood,  China  is pretty well set up to produce it.

Plywoods furniture

MDF goods

Solid wood

Wooden goods and household accessories

Wicker furniture


Flatpack furniture

Cabinets (such as kitchen cabinets)

Bamboo goods and furniture

and much more!

Case-goods in  China

Case-goods is a broad category of products that includes everything from kitchen cabinets, closets, chest of drawers, bookshelf and more. These are basically items that are designed to store items and the industry sometimes refers to the goods as Cabinetry. Case goods are made out of a variety of material, most commonly MDF with a heavy coat of lacquer paint, Plywood, often with a veneer to give it a premium look, Or solid woods, which tend to be stronger and sturdier, but also comes at a premium cost. Due to the large size of finished Case-goods, most manufacturers pack them flat for shipping where the final assembly is done on-site.

Case goods often have additional components such as knobs, rails, locks and more. While the wood is usually sourced from  China  the components tend to still come from China.

Another Shipment ready to go!

Flatpack furniture in  China

Flatpack furniture, made famous by Ikea, is furniture that is shipped or sold unassembled, usually in a flat package. There are really two types of flat pack goods, Those made for consumer and those made for professionals.  those that are assembled by the end consumer, which is also known as Ready To assemble Furniture. This furniture usually comes with tools and instructions. This is popular as it saves the seller on both shipping and storage cost which usually allows them to sell the furniture cheaper.

Many items used in home, office, and hotel construction is classified as flat-pack, these include items such as cabinets, bookshelves, tv stands bed frames and much more. When a manufacturer makes items for these goods they usually rely on the final assemble people to have the appropriate tools and hardware to assemble the furniture so they are usually shipped by the components and pack flat and efficiency. IN many cases they are packed directly into a container in order to maximize the amount shipped, with pieces marked by chalk and rough instructions.

Bamboo Furniture and Household items

Bamboo is increasingly becoming a more popular item to make furniture and other wooden goods out of due in part because it is one of the most sustainable materials to work with. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, and it can grow back when you cut it down. Bamboo can be made into boards but it behaves differently than most woods, and thus you often need to find a factory that specializes in working with bamboo. It is most commonly used to make handicrafts out of as well as flooring.

What types of woods are used by  China ese Furniture manufacturers?

Tropical Hardwoods are the most common woods used in  China . These woods are god for mid-range furniture as they have a dense core that handles heat and moisture very well.  China  climate is both Hot and humid and the wood naturally evolved to handle these conditions.


  • Pine






  • Birch

From our experience, Eucaltyptus and Poplar are by far the most common in  China . I would actually call Poplar the “default wood” in  China  as it’s what most furniture makers have on hand for most projects. For instance, if you just ask as the supplier in  China  for a wooden good without specifying, 5 times out of 10 they will produce it using Poplar and 3 out of 10 times out of rubberwood. Poplar is a perfectly good wood to use and is suitable for most projects, however, if you have a specific wood in mind then you need to specify in your product spec sheet. Keep in mind that many of wood that is popular in the states such as spruce, pine, hemlock, Douglas fir is from Canada and will need to be imported if you want to manufacture them in  China .

Poplar in  China

Is a   hardwood with varieties that grow thought the tropics and subtropical region of the world, including  China . Poplar is popular for many reasons due to its strength and appearance which has a solid strong look and light color. In addition it is one of the most sustainably grown woods, owing in part to how quick it can grow and the fact that you can plant a new tree as soon as one is chopped down. Due to its fast growth, it can be produced in great quantities cheaply. Poplar is widely considered one of the best value woods due to the fact it compares favorably in density and use of many more expensive kinds of wood.

eucalyptus in  China

eucalyptus is another type of wood that is common in  China  and is widely considered to be one of the most sustainable and practical woods. eucalyptus, as the name suggests, comes from the same trees that produce latex and eucalyptus, and the wood is harvested after the tree serves out its purpose in producing rubber. eucalyptus is a medium-density tropical hardwood and has a naturally light color. The light color allows this to be stained to any color that you want from light to dark. eucalyptus is also so similar to oak wood that it is commonly labeled as Oak when sold. In terms of density and color, they are quite similar however eucalyptus tends to have a straight grain while oak is more circular.

Wood in  China  includes:  

Solid woods

Solid woods are any goods that are made of a single piece of wood. This is the most basic type of wood as it gets. These are solid pieces of wood cut straight from the tree.


Plywoods are made by stacking thin boards of wood on top of each other and then bonding them with a resin or glue. This creates a board the strength and quality of Plywood vary greatly and is based on the type of wood used, the thickness of the sheets and how many times it is stacked.


MDF, short for Medium Density Fiberboard, is a mix of wood waste and resin. This creates a strong and solid board that can be used in nearly the same way as plywood. MDF tends to be both cheaper and weaker than plywood however it is strong enough to be used in weight-bearing furniture, cabinets and much more. MDF is usually covered up with a thick coat of paint and

Particle Board 

This is a mix of wooden shaving and wood resin and tends to be the cheapest and weakest material to work with. For the most part, we avoid this as it’s not suitable for use in most goods although it is an option for those on a tight budget.


Veneers are a very thin sheet of wood that is bonded to the top to create a woodgrain look. Since Particleboard and MDF do not have a grain they’ll apply an extra layer of veneer to give it a solid wood look. Plywoods often have their top layer made with a veneer to give it the look of more premium wood. Veneers are mainly cosmetic, but do help protect the wood underneath from the elements.

China  is capable of manufacturing with all of these types. Many factories that we have visited have their ability to process the wood from raw timber at the factory, to create solid wood boards, plywood or MDF. This allows for custom types of wood to be used in your product.

Sustainable wood Products in  China  and FSC certification

Forest Stewardship Council in  China  

One of our clients biggest concern is the sustainability and environmental impact of the wood that the factories use. The Forest Stewardship Council, usually called FSC is one of the most respected organizations that track the wood supply chain to make sure that wood is harvested sand sources sustainably. They certify both that factories only use sustainably sourced wood as well as audit the whole supply chain.

They have two levels or certifications: Forest management certification and chain of custody certification. The Forest management is for those that maintain plantation or harvest wood from the forest. Chain of custody is for the end-users and factories who buy the lumber in order to certify that they are only using sustainably sourced wood in their products.

They also have controlled wood certification which are for factories that use a mix of FSC certified wood and traditionally sourced wood. This is to encourage the gradual adoption of FCS wood since changing over a factories source of wood isn’t that easy.

China  is a forested country so there is no shortage of wood to be found. There are many plantation and wood suppliers in the country that can harvest wood sustainably and have FCS Certification. The Forest Stewardship council makes the name of all certificate holders public in an easily searchable database,

 China  and the EU Regulations 

China ’s wood industry now has to comply with regulations across its entire industry, not just wood products exported to the EU. This include crackdown on illegal wood harvesting, better forest management, and more sustainably sourced timber products among many others. It should be noted that these actions are voluntarily enforced by  China , however, they did form a national forest certification process to ensure that wood is properly tracked.

China  has taken other steps to ensure that wood is sustainably produced and to promote conservation. EU also mandates that any factory that produces product bound for the EU must comply with FSC guidelines, as a result, many manufacturers are FSC certified.

 China  Furniture Manufacturers Association

 Trade shows for  China  furniture manufacturers

 China  International Furniture & Home Accessories  

Most commonly   largest furniture trade show in  China .   The fair features a full range of Furniture manufacturers, handicrafts, home decor and more. The event is held every year  . The show has a huge focus on Furniture and home accessories and will feature not just finished products but the latest manufacturing methods and innovations.



Wooden goods


Home Goods

 China  International Furniture Accessories, Hardware & Tools Exhibition // International Woodworking Industry Fair. Machines and Tools //  China Wood & Furnitec

Yes, this is three different trade shows that happen at the same time and in the same venue with a very nearly identical theme. These three fairs are mainly focused on the industry side of the furniture and not on end goods. This show will be about the machinery that factories use, the tools and other technology related to the manufacturing of furniture and wooden goods.


Furniture tech

Wooden goods


Furniture Technology

 Where are the wood manufacturers in  China ?

There are 4 major Provinces that produce the overwhelming majority of wooden goods in  China :

Wood Manufacturing in China

Over half of the wood exports made in  China  are produced in jiangsu and guangdong province .  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  is based in jianigsu and as a result, nearly all of the wood manufacturers that we work with are located in this area. That’s not to say we don’t source from elsewhere in  China  when necessary.  Jiangsu is located close to the  China   highlands which is where there are a large amount of high-quality wood comes from and can pull from henan and jiangsu large labor pool. IF you are flying in to visit wood and furniture manufacturers it’s simple to fly and rent a car and driver to visit the factories.

 China  Furniture Manufacturers Directory // Made by  furniturecabinetsdepot.com

One of  furniturecabinetsdepot.com ’s key features is a massive internal database of suppliers. When we first started we were not happy with the available resources to find a supplier in  China  so we decided to build our own database. As of now, it has contacts for over 5,500 factories in  China  and over 200 fully verified and pre-qualified suppliers.

One of our largest  China  Manufacturer lists is for furniture manufactures and it contains the contact details for over 550 suppliers and over 50 fully pre-qualified and verified suppliers. We have visited several Furniture manufacturers in  China  and have a solid experience in the whole supply chain of wooden goods and furniture. This database of  China  Furniture and wood manufacturers is constantly updated and checked.

Please note that there is some overlap of suppliers between the different lists. many factories have multiple specialties.

We also have working relationships with over a dozen factories in  China  that make a wide range of furniture and wooden goods, from simple chairs and tables, case goods, beds, and high-quality structural wood as well as decorative wood and household items.

How  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  Sourcing helps you find furniture manufacturers in  China

furniturecabinetsdepot.com  learned a long time ago that the best way to find manufacturers is to be proactive in searching for factories.

Maintains a massive internal database of  Chinese manufacturers

Actively audit supply chains of some of the largest furniture brands

Has a list of over 300 suppliers with contacts, many of whom are not publicly listed

Can search factories by style, material, customizations and more

furniturecabinetsdepot.com  has used this database nad method to find great suppliers for dozens of furniture and wood clients totaling over 10 million USD  in value and shipped 100’s of containers of furniture, case goods and other wooden goods for clients in the US, EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico and more. Our clients have ranged from major hotel chains, major home improvement stores,  flat-packed furniture, and much more.

We reversed audited the supply chain of some of the largest and most respected furniture manufacturers in the world, including Ikea, West Elm, Wayfair, Haverty’s and more. Many of these factories are unlisted so we had to be creative to get the contact details.

 furniturecabinetsdepot.com  Sourcing // Your trusted partner in  China

If you are interested in sourcing from than feel free to reach out to the team at  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  Sourcing. We have been in  China  since 2003, and have the skills to find you the best supplier possible. We are also established in China and are one of the only companies that can find suppliers in  China   and pick the one that you think is best.

Our  China  Sourcing service allows you to access new manufacturers that you would not be able to in China as well as to avoid the new recent Tariffs. Our services are designed to do everything to take your idea, turn it into a product and ship it to the final destination.  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  can do everything from creating a product spec sheet, validation, sourcing, ordering and evaluating samples, arranging inspections, finding freight forwarders, quality assurance, negotiations and even working with prep and fulfillment centers in the States. Our goal is to handle every single step of your business in  China  for you.

We have helped clients ranging from Fortune 500 too small FBA sellers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.

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Sauna Room

Classic design, environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials, safe and reliable use, high quality products.

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The computer table

Classic design, environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials, economical and practical, safe and reliable, high quality products.



Classic design, environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials, economical and practical, safe and reliable, functional, high-quality products.

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