About Cabinet Size

About Cabinet Size

Customized cabinets we choose style, color, design, but ultimately these are actually decided whether the cabinet looks good or not, then what factors really determine whether the cabinet is good or not? That’s the customized cabinet size. If you make the right size, the person who cooks can save energy.


To say that the size of customized cabinets, to be related to the spatial pattern, the height of general cabinets can be selected 80 cm, 75 cm, 65 cm, and so on, while the mesa size is about 500-700 mm, the specific cabinet size should be considered according to the spatial height. We should take a good view of the pattern and design of our own home in advance, and see what kind of space is suitable for it, so that it has a good use effect.

Cabinet size

Two, pattern

Cabinet customization is very necessary in the selection of size. According to the different design of kitchen pattern, the selection of size will also be different. Simply look, now there are L-shaped design, U-shaped design, one-shaped design and so on. When choosing, we should first do a good job of basic considerations, design coordination combined with the actual installation needs.

Dimensions of kitchen cabinets

Three, function

Customized cabinets also need to be combined with functions in size selection. Today, there are many customized cabinets, and their functions are also different. Now there are many customized cabinet designs. Considering the different functional patterns and other designs, there will also be different design considerations. We need to have a comprehensive understanding in advance and do a good job of design coordination.

General Kitchen Cabinet Size

Four, practical

Specific cabinet size should be based on self-practical needs, in the actual selection can first do a good job of design considerations, to see if it can play a good effect. You can start with self-convenience and practical comfort, so that the cabinet can have a good practical, meet the needs of self-home, better kitchen life enjoyment.

Cabinet size

Five, style

There are many customized choices of cabinets, and their styles are also different. When choosing the design, we should also consider the overall style collocation. From now on, there are Jane-European style, Chinese style, idyllic style and American style, and so on. The selection of different sizes of styles is also different, so we can do a good job of basic collocation first.

Dimensions of kitchen cabinets

To determine the size of customized cabinets, it is necessary to synthesize the above five points and take into account all possible situations that affect the use of cabinets. After professional training, Baili Aijia designers will communicate one-to-one with the owners, understand the needs of the owners, customize the most appropriate cabinet size for the owners to meet the actual needs of life, and help users use cabinets more comfortable and convenient.

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