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Made from hardwood styles and rails with block boards core, cross bands and face veneers are bonded together under heat and pressure using BWP type PF synthetic resin adhesive confirming to IS : 2202 : 1991Flush Doors are available in three types :-COMMERCIAL – with face veneers from selected commercial hardwoods.DECORATIVE – with one or both sides face veneers from decorative timers like Teak.LAMINATED – with laminates of customer’s choice. The cross-bonds are from select hardwood, uniformly dried to the required moisture content and then bonded with special phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin. Flush Doors are chemically treated for termite and borer resistance.Available in standard sizes and also made to required sizes.Available Standard Thickness : 30,32,35,38,40, & 45mm.Thickness mm30,32,35,38,40, & 45

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