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When choosing a new vanity for your bathroom, it is important to find one that is stylish and elegant as well as strong and durable for everyday use. Whether you’re looking for a new vanity top to update your vanity cabinet or a new ensemble complete with hardware, Menards® is sure to have just what you’re looking for. With so many options, choosing a vanity or vanity top can be a challenge, but this buying guide will help you find the perfect ensemble for your bathroom.MeasurementsBefore you begin searching for a new bathroom vanity, examine the layout of your bathroom. This will determine how much space you have for your vanity.

• Pay close attention to the locations of outlets and trims
• Consider the orientation of the shower, entry, and closet doors
• Measure the overall width and depth of the area for the vanity
• Remember to provide an allowance for opening doors and drawers on the vanity
• Decide on the most comfortable vanity height for the residents in your home

Most vanities have a depth of 19 to 22 inches and are available in many different widths to accommodate almost any bathroom. Typically, a height of 31 to 35 inches will be the most comfortable for a range of users.

Bathroom Vanity

With a Top vs. Without a TopThere are two main options for bathroom vanity cabinets: vanities with a top and vanities without a top. Purchasing a vanity with a coordinating top takes the guesswork out of complementing your design style, and it also allows you to focus on other design elements for your bathroom.

Many vanities are also sold without a top, allowing you to choose your own. This gives you more design options as you can select the material, sink style, and hardware that best complements your bathroom’s décor.

If you choose a vanity without a top, remember to measure your vanity carefully. You must measure the width and the depth of the cabinet from outside edge to outside edge. Choose a vanity top that is 1 inch deeper and wider than your cabinet’s measurements.

Vanity with Top and Vanity without Top

Vanity Tops

Vanity Top

Vanity tops are available in many stylish materials to accentuate your bathroom’s design elements. Some of the materials include:

• Ceramic: Ceramic vanity tops are made from nonporous porcelain, making them highly durable and easy to wipe clean.
• Cultured marble: This man-made material is easy to clean. It provides a seamless appearance as well as a consistent color and pattern.
• Granite: This natural stone material is very durable once installed. The color/pattern will have natural variance. Menards® offers a presealed option.
• Laminate: This manufactured material is incredibly stain resistant and maintains a consistent color/pattern. It is fairly easy to keep clean and requires little maintenance.
• Quartz: This man-made material has the feel and look of natural stone. It is extremely durable, nonporous, has a consistent color/pattern, and is maintenance free.
• Solid surface: This man-made material is stain resistant, nonporous, and provides a seamless appearance.Many vanity tops also include other options such as a sink location and splashes. Vanity tops also feature predrilled hole options for sink faucets. The amount of holes and type of layout is determined by your choice of faucet. Most vanity tops have an included backsplash, and sidesplashes are available to complete the look.Styles of VanitiesVanities are available in freestanding, wall-mounted, and corner-mounted styles. Freestanding vanities feature a solid base or legs and are capable of standing on their own. This style tends to provide the most usable storage room. Wall-mounted vanities are attached directly to a wall without touching the floor. This contemporary design makes the bathroom feel larger, and this style is ideal for commercial and smaller bathrooms. Corner-mounted vanities are space-saving ensembles designed to get the most vanity in the smallest bathroom. These are installed in a corner and typically meet the room at an angle.

Vanities without Tops
• Freestanding
• Wall Mounted

Vanities with Tops
• Freestanding
• Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Vanity



Another important aspect of your vanity to consider is the sink. Sinks can be installed into your vanity tops in several different ways. Sometimes they are a seamless part of your vanity top.

• Integrated bowls are built directly into the vanity top. They are part of the seamless, one-piece design of your vanity top.
• Undermount sinks are installed underneath the countertop, so the counter serves as the rim of the sink. These sinks are easier to clean and are available in materials like granite, laminate, quartz, and solid surface.
• Vessel bowls offer a dramatic and unique style. They rest entirely on top the countertop, instead of being partially in it.
• Drop-in sinks are easily installed in a countertop by “dropping” them into a vanity cutout.Additional FeaturesMenards® also offers a variety of bathroom pieces that will complete your décor. Once you’ve found the perfect vanity, search for coordinating bathroom items that will complete your vanity update:

• Mirrors
• Vanity Lights
• Bathroom Faucets
• Soap/Lotion Dispensers
• Soap Dishes
• Tumblers & Tooth Brush Holders
• Vanity Tray
• Cosmetic Organizers
• Knobs & PullsNeed help or advice? Feel free to visit your local Menards® store. Menards® offers a variety of stylish vanity options as well as the faucets, mirrors, and lighting to go with them. Our friendly and knowledgeable Team Members will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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