Bathroom Vanities END PANELS

Add a finished touch to your cabinet layout with Decorative End Panels. This accessory is available in every finish and door style to match your Bath cabinets. Install the Decorative End Panel over the Base Flush-Fit End Panel.

Bath cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides. Please see the detailed information on this page that shows which Flush-Fit End Panels are needed to complement your products.

Base Flush-Fit End Panel

Width: 19.75″
Height: 33.5″

• Flush-Fit End Panels are required for cabinets with exposed sides.

Decorative End Panel

Width: 20″
Height: 28″

• Apply Decorative End Panels over Flush-Fit End Panels for a decorative accent.

Linen Flush-Fit End Panel Kit

Ships in 3 pieces. One upper, one base and one batten.

• The batten covers the seam between the upper and lower panels.

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