By 2021, Suqian’s household manufacturing industry will exceed 50 billion yuan

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I. Guiding Ideas and Development Goals

(1) Guiding Ideas

Deeply implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and provincial governments’high-quality development and the “six-plus-six” of the municipal and municipal governments of the CPC, carry out the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development, speeding up the cultivation of local enterprises and leading enterprises in attracting industries, focusing on increasing the proportion of terminal products, and building high-end, high-quality, multi-polar support and Home manufacturing industry cluster promotes high-end, brand, intensive and green development of the industry, and strives to create new competitive advantages.

(2) Development goals

By 2021, the city’s household manufacturing industry will exceed 50 billion yuan, and strive to build the Huaihai Economic Zone’s forest processing industry base and the national residential manufacturing industry center.

1. The industrial structure has been obviously optimized. The proportion of output value of furniture manufacturing industry and wood products industry has increased to 20% and 25%, respectively. Furniture has developed towards branding, customization and high-grade. The output and brand awareness of wood products such as doors and flooring have been improved, and the wood processing industry has been further consolidated and upgraded.

2. Innovation ability has steadily increased. Enterprise R&D investment has been further increased, new technologies, new processes and new equipment have been widely popularized. A number of R&D centers at or above the provincial level, enterprise technology centers and demonstration intelligent workshops have been added, a number of new products have been developed, and innovation capacity has been greatly improved.

3. Improve the level of green development. The industrial value-added energy consumption and major pollutant emissions of household manufacturing industry units have reached the advanced level of the same industry in China, and the control effect of volatile organic compounds is obvious. A number of green demonstration enterprises have been built.

II. Key Development Areas

(1) Vigorously develop furniture manufacturing industry. Strengthen R&D and design, adopt new materials, new processes, new technologies and new equipment, apply environmentally friendly raw materials and accessories, promote intelligent furniture flexible production system, and build a green, environmentally friendly, ecological and sustainable furniture manufacturing industry. One is to develop solid wood and soft furniture. Improve the ability of design and research, pay attention to product differentiation, material diversification, shape diversification, optimize manufacturing process, improve product quality, enhance product added value, focus on the development of new Chinese furniture, multi-functional and high value-added traditional furniture. We will vigorously develop distinctive children’s furniture suitable for children’s needs. The second is to develop panel furniture. Improve product development and design capabilities, select green environmental protection materials and accessories, optimize manufacturing processes and processes, increase product varieties, focusing on the development of green environmental protection, simple fashion, rich style, multi-functional family, office, children’s furniture series. Third, develop customized furniture. Vigorously develop customized furniture with high space utilization, personalized design, rich modelling color, simple installation and high cost performance ratio. Innovative customized furniture research and development, through modular design, flexible manufacturing to reduce costs, the production of multi-functional, large-scale series, personalized and intelligent room-wide customized furniture products.

(2) Speeding up the development of wood products industry. Adhere to the concept of innovation, treat wood products as cultural products, aesthetic products, personalized products, inject fresh vitality into products, so that products stand out in the homogeneous market. One is to develop floor products. Select trees with low formaldehyde content, strictly control product moisture content, pay attention to the study of floor adhesive modification, and control formaldehyde emission with F4 star and E0 standard. Accelerate the research and development of floor lock technology. Focus on the development of laminated wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, solid wood flooring and so on. Second, the development of wood doors and windows products. Introduce the technology of electrostatic powder spraying for fiberboard, improve the automation level of equipment, and improve the automation level of three major processes of feeding, spraying and packaging. Focus on intelligent research and development of locks, doors, security, etc., and develop products with functions of face recognition, sound and photoelectric prompts, automatic alarm and so on. Focus on the development of intelligent wooden doors, paint-free doors, baking doors, moulded doors, armored doors and other types of wooden doors and windows. Third, the development of other wood products. Give consideration to the development of wood painting materials, handicrafts, toys, musical instruments, home decoration materials, sports and cultural goods. Enhance wood products raw material requirements, environmental protection requirements, pay attention to original design, enhance product competitiveness.

(3) Consolidating and upgrading the wood-based panel industry. Eliminate existing enterprises with small scale and low level, encourage diversion to supporting industries, introduce high-grade sheet metal enterprises, and enhance industrial comparative advantages. Implementing the quality improvement plan of wood-based panel industry, improving the quality supervision system, consolidating and upgrading the leading product quality grades and product performance of existing plywood, density board and woodworking board, focusing on improving the formaldehyde emission limit standard of wood-based panel, and realizing the development of products towards green environmental protection, high added value and high-end products. One is to develop wood-saving board instead of wood. We will promote technological innovation in the production of high-grade plates, promote renewable and recyclable products, and produce wood-plastic, straw and other composite products to reduce wood consumption. Increase the research of poplar resources modification, improve product performance and utilization rate of poplar resources. The second is to develop environmentally friendly sheets. Strict raw material and accessories selection, production process control and post-processing control, production of green environmental protection high-grade sheet. Develop the application research of non-adhesive high-grade plate, ecological adhesive, micro-free formaldehyde urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive for E0 high-grade plate and environment-friendly urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive to meet the quality standard of E0 high-grade plate. Third, the development of high-performance composite sheets. Outdoor high-grade sheet and structural high-grade sheet are used as new application fields to reduce the thickness of sheet, reduce the use of adhesives, and improve the strength, moisture-proof and moisture-retaining properties of sheet. Increase the R&D and production of large-scale, ultra-thin, ultra-thick and special sheets with flame retardant, sound insulation, etc.

(4) Creating a characteristic industrial chain. Making full use of the advantages of abundant forest resources and enterprise agglomeration, and in accordance with the ideas of expanding production scale, upgrading industrial technology level and developing business logistics, we will strive to build a home manufacturing industry center integrating R&D, design, production and manufacturing, product display and business supporting. The first is to enhance R&D and design capabilities. Actively undertake the transfer of famous household enterprises such as Guangdong and Shenzhen and creative design industries of household culture, support enterprises to establish furniture R&D and design centers, innovate R&D and design, meet the needs of customization and mass customization of customers, and improve the level of smart home manufacturing. Second, improve the industrial chain. Selectively attract industry leaders, vigorously introduce leading, flagship and base-based major projects, and improve the quality of investment projects. We will actively develop supporting products such as woodworking machinery, adhesives, hardware accessories, decorative paper, plastic parts, cutting tools, leather, glass panels, marble panels, paint and coatings. The supporting capacity of the industry and the cooperation between upstream and downstream industries have increased significantly. Third, improve the business logistics system. Give full play to the influence of Red Star Mei Kailong and other large-scale comprehensive stores, further enrich the home product stores, provide one-stop shopping services such as design, decoration, home, to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. Speed up the construction of logistics parks and logistics centers, improve transport efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and provide reliable guarantee for the development of home manufacturing industry.

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