Cabinet Buying and Sourcing Consultants

The Cabinet Consultants have 10+ years of relationships with the manufacturers, with the success of projects in our portfolio all over the World.

Language and culture differences can easily lead to misunderstandings and obstacles during the process. We strategically work with our customers and manufacturers, providing translations  and services that can only be obtained due to our experience in both the Middle east ,China ,US and EU market.
You will be able to have your personal Sourcing, Product Development, Purchasing and Logistics department all at once.
We take care of the process giving you peace of mind and time, which you can use to increase your business thanks to our competitive prices. We have completed many projects in North, Central and South America all manufactured by our Italian partners for local companies. The Cabinet Consultants Limitless Production is something you will not find easily.
There is no limit of colors, materials, sizes or quantities; every job is considered unique and will be produced individually. The same rules apply for the hardware, there are no limits to various brands and handle options.
Why be limited to distributor stock or only a few kitchen manufacturers in the market; there is no reason to keep paying premium prices when you can have your own line of Italian products.

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