Five Piece Door and Drawer Headers

Full Overlay Styling / Five Piece Drawer Header
Solid Wood Dovetailed Drawer Box
Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides

Full Overlay Styling Dovetail Drawer Box  Full Extension under-mount Soft-close Drawer Glides and Soft Close Door Hinges 1/2″ Plywood I-Beam Runners Along Top Dadoes  3/4″ Solid Maple Face Frame  1/2″ Back Panel With 1/2″ Hanging Rails
Raised Panel Door Details: 
5 Piece Doors and Drawer Headers.  Raised Center Panel With Applied Moldings On Ginger, Mocha, Harvest, White Deluxe Chocolate GlazeShaker Style Door Details: 5 Piece Doors and Drawer Headers. Style: Full Overlay Door StylingFinish: 5 Step Sherwin Williams Acrylic FinishGlaze: Standard On Ginger Deluxe, Mocha Deluxe, Harvest Deluxe & White Deluxe Chocolate MistDrawer Header: Five Piece Drawer HeadDrawer Box: 5/8″ Solid Wood Dovetailed Drawer BoxDoor Hinges: 6 way adjustable Soft Close 1 1/4″ hinge opens 110 degrees.Drawer Glides: Full Extension Under-Mount Soft Close Drawer GlidesCabinet Box Material: 1/2″ Cabinet Grade Plywood (Most Plywood Boxes Are CUT HERE IN THE USA)Cabinet Face Frame: 1.5″ solid hardwood face frames, dado-ed to receive 1/2″ plywood case sides, tops (wall cabinets only), I-Beams (base cabinets only) and bottoms. Cabinet Back: 1/2″ Plywood cabinet backs are dadoed to receive tops (wall cabinets only), I-Beams (base cabinets only) and bottoms.  Hanging Rails: 1/2″ Plywood Shelving: High strength adjustable shelf clips. Side panels are pre-bored for self adjustable3/4″ Maple Plywood Veneer Shelves With Edge BandingDoor Hardware: Concealed Soft Close 5 point adjustable HingesExterior: Customer must specify finished ends on Hampton and Summit SeriesToe Board: 1/2″ plywood toe kick board installed between cabinet end panels. 1/4″ matching toe kick cover must be applied after installation.Interior: UV Sealed Natural Maple Finish.  We do not use paper or plastic for our interiors.Construction: I-Beam Construction Using Pen & Glue Assembly Methods. (WE DO NOT USE CAM-LOCKS OR METAL CLIPS IN OUR CABINET CONSTRUCTION LIKE OTHER ONLINE STORES)
Our company does not use cheap Chinese methods for our cabinet assembly. We have noticed that almost all other RTA Cabinet stores online use cam-locks, metal clips or plastic L brackets for their assembly (We can best describe this assembly method is as if you were purchasing an entertainment center from a office supply store and had to screw it together with metal dials.) Using their Chinese method of assembly is not durable, unstable and can cause your cabinets to be racked (out of square) which is a major headache for installation. 
How Our RTA Kitchen Cabinet Assembly Method Differs From Other Stores

Our cabinets are made with a 1/2″ plywood back, top, bottom & sides along with an additional 1/2″ hanging rail to add extra support to your cabinet when it is attached to your wall. Our company uses I-Beam Construction which is used by custom cabinet companies here in the USA. We cut our plywood here in the USA to ensure quality and durability. 

Our cabinets do not use camlocks, metal clips nor plastic corner brackets for assembly. We use the same construction method as high end custom cabinet companies here in the USA. Online Cabinets Direct is a US base company and know the difference in cabinet quality. Our cabinets are not built to Chinese specifications like other online cabinet stores. We build our cabinets to USA standards to ensure they will last for many years to come because we are American and know quality is your main concern.
Getting Started: 
1. Prepare A Flat Work Space 6-8 Foot In Diameter 2. Apply Protection Layer (Cloth Sheet, Cotton Blanket, Etc.) To Avoid Scratching Face Frame, Doors And Drawer Headers. 3. Open Cabinet Cardboard Boxes (2 Boxes Per Cabinet)

  • (1) Box With 1/2″ Plywood Cabinet Carcass 
  • (1) Box Cabinet Face Frame & Doors, Drawer Header & Drawer Box Material

4. Group Cabinet Pieces For Each Cabinet, Identify And Organize All Parts (To Include But Not Limited To The Following) 

  • 2 Plywood Side Panels 
  • 1 Plywood Back Panel 
  • 2 Plywood Hanging Rails 
  • 1 Plywood Toe Kick Backer Panel 
  • 1 Finished To Match Face Frame 
  • 1 Plywood Top Panel (Wall & Tall Cabinets Only) 
  • 1 Plywood Bottom Panel 
  • 2 Plywood I-Beam Struts
    • Base Cabinet I-Beam Stretcher Panels 4″ x 22 5/8″ 
    • Vanity Cabinet I-Beam Stretcher Panel 4″ x 19 5/8″ 
  • Drawer Slides (2 Per Drawer Box) 
    • Base Cabinet Drawer Slide 21″ 
    • Vanity Cabinet Drawer Slide 18″ 
  • Door(s) Depending On Cabinet Size 
  • Door Hinges 
  • Drawer Header(s) Depending On Cabinet Size
  • 4 5/8″ Solid Wood Dove Tail Drawer Box Panels 
  • 1 Plywood Drawer Box Bottom Panel 

Tools Recommended: 

  • Brad Nail Gun or Corrugated Nail Gun 
  • Air Compressor 
  • C-Clamps 
  • Bar Clamps 
  • Square 
  • Tape Measure 
  • Pencil 
  • Wood Glue 
  • Rubber Mallet 
  • Hammer w/ Wood Block 
  • Drill W/ 1/8″ & 5/32″ Drill Bits 
  • #2 Phillips Screw Driver 
  • #8 Wood Screws 
  • Cotton Wiping Cloth (To Clean Excess Glue) 
  • Level 
  • 5/8″ 18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails For Attaching Face Frame To Side Panels 
  • #18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails For Attaching Plywood Side Panels To Top Panel (Wall Cabinets & Tall Cabinets Only), Bottom Panel, Back Panel, I-Beam Stretcher Panels (Base Cabinets & Vanity Cabinets Only) and Toe Kick Backer Panel. 

We Recommend Building Cabinets With Exposed Sides (Sides That Are Seen Exposed To The Room After Installation) First, This Will Ensure You Will Have Replacement Parts From Other Cabinets If You Damage The Side Panels When Nailing or During Assembly.

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