Cabinet Hardware Finishes Explained

Cabinet Hardware Finishes Explained

Trying to decide between black cabinet hardware and a comparable oil-rubbed bronze design? Or maybe you’re debating between stainless steel cabinet hardware and a similar nickel style? No matter what your questions are, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware has the answers. Check out our guide to the most popular cabinet hardware finishes below. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our customer service center, and our expert team will be happy to help.

Black– Black cabinet hardware is one of the most versatile and popular finishes on the market today. Available in a wide range of options from shiny to matte, black cabinet hardware looks wonderful against both dark wood cabinetry and lighter wood or faux cabinet faces. Black cabinet hardware is a great investment for any room in the home, as it is designed to stay in style for years to come.

Brass– Brass offers a distinct gold look that is ideal for rooms designed with a rustic style or country motif. Polished brass cabinet hardware offers a phenomenally shiny and vibrant look, while other finishes such as antique brass are more subtle and have an intentionally aged look.

Bronze– Consumers looking for a luxurious hardware finish that is slightly lighter than black can consider bronze cabinet hardware as a suitable alternative. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware has a rich, dark finish that has hints of light. In contrast, German bronze cabinet hardware has a deep golden hue with flecks of brown that adds color and a hint of texture to every piece. Bronze is durable, classic and elegant, making it ideal for bedrooms and any room that is designed with an old-world flair.

Colored– If you’re looking for fun and funky cabinet hardware, colored cabinet hardware is just what you need. Available in a rainbow of colors, colored cabinet hardware offers everything from vibrant red cabinet pulls to themed hardware designs. Consider colored cabinet hardware for a children’s bedroom or to add a splash of life to an otherwise muted room.

Copper– Copper has a unique reddish tinge that complements both modern and traditional spaces. Today’s cabinet hardware manufacturers offer a wide range of copper cabinet hardware designs to meet the needs of all consumers. Whether you want a classic copper cup pull or a set of funky copper knobs, you should have no trouble finding the perfect piece.

Nickel– Any room that has silver-colored fixtures such as light fixtures, faucets or appliances can benefit from the addition of nickel cabinet hardware. Nickel hardware will not rust, fade or weather, and it is one of the more affordable types of silver hardware. Choose from brushed or satin nickel hardware for a dull finish or polished nickel for a high-gloss shine that is sure to get noticed.

Pewter– Pewter is a great choice for homeowners looking for cabinet hardware that has intricate designs. Because pewter is one of the softest metals to work with, both pewter knobs and pewter cabinet pulls can have elaborate designs and unusual forms that are sure to make an impression on any room. While many hardware manufacturers offer pewter hardware as part of their selection, Anne at Home Hardware is known specifically for its extensive pewter cabinet hardware collection, and they allow homeowners to choose the style and finish of their pewter hardware for a customized look.

Stainless Steel– Perhaps the most contemporary finish for cabinet hardware, stainless steel is ideal for homeowners who want a purely modern look and quality hardware that will last forever. Stainless steel cabinet hardware is a perfect match for stainless steel appliances and a lovely complement to most cabinet faces.

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