Cabinet production management system

Cabinet production management system

The system of the factory can be formulated by referring to the following procedures:

I. balanced production and orderly scheduling

  1. According to the production task index issued by the factory Department and the production strength of the Department, organize the implementation of the production plan.
  2. Be responsible for the implementation of the production task indicators issued by the superior and the implementation of them to the employees.
  3. Formulate and implement the site operation standards and process flow, so that the products produced can be carried out according to the needs of customers and ensure the progress and quality.
  4. Realize the overall balanced and rhythmic synchronous production, so that the final production is convenient for packaging and transportation.

II. Strong product quality control

  1. After the workshop director receives the order, first organize the field management personnel of each group, analyze the process characteristics of the cabinet, and carefully read the production requirements of the process order.
  2. Understand and understand the drawings, negotiate and formulate quality standards and process flow for all parts of the cabinet.
  3. Before the launch of the new model, it is necessary to urge the relevant site managers to make pre production samples, and provide guidance to the front-line production staff in place, and require the management personnel and quality inspection personnel to conduct patrol inspection and semi-finished product sampling inspection.
  4. Strictly require and urge each group of employees to make according to the process standards, and timely provide samples to the business department.
  5. When each item is about to be produced before it is put into production, the relevant site management personnel shall organize the workshop staff to hold a regular production meeting or an early meeting, make a detailed description of the item, and publish the sample cabinet, process sheet and quality standard provided by the technology department in written notice to the public.

(13) the workshop director must organize and urge the site managers to solve the quality problems before the finished products, so as to reduce the rework rate of the finished products and ensure the product quality.

III. timely supply of raw and auxiliary materials

  1. The workshop director must track the raw and auxiliary materials being ordered in time, and report the problems to be solved in time.
  2. Organize relevant personnel in the workshop to do all pre production preparations, such as allocation of production equipment, allocation of relevant personnel, matching of relevant tools, etc.
  3. Cooperate with the technician to prepare all kinds of necessary supplies before production, such as the required sample parts, so that each piece goes online in a good order without disorder.

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