Cabinet Quality Standard and buying guide

Cabinet Quality Standard and buying guide

Choosing cabinets is very important because it may accompany consumers for many years. When choosing cabinets, the following aspects should be considered:

Although the price of brand cabinets is high, if there is a quality problem in the product, it is possible to find the merchants to replace or repair them. Its meticulous service and after-sale guarantee are the important guarantee for buying cabinets.

Choose the cabinet according to your own preferences. Choose the cabinet style and color to be consistent with the overall style of the home.

When choosing cabinets, we should not only look at the table panels and doors, but also distinguish the cabinets manufactured by manufacturers from those produced by small workshops. The most important thing is to see whether the cabinets and sealing strips are processed by machine moulding. The improper sealing of the sealing strip can cause oil fume, dust and insects to enter. Are there any special waterproof designs added to the mesa?

For cabinets, material quality is the main factor affecting the quality of cabinets, different material prices are also different, the specific difference lies in the door panels, cabinets and countertops of the material. In addition, hardware is easy to be overlooked by householders, the quality of hardware is related to the life and price of cabinets, so we need to pay more attention to it.

You can try the following: 1. Look at the overall appearance of the cabinet, smoothness and color matching. The first is more important. 2. Installation of door panels and handles, adjusting the gap symmetry 3. Open the box to see the sealing edge strip. The seam is uniform and uneven. Are there burrs, cracks and glue opening? 4. Hinge quality and manufacturer’s label, whether there is a warranty period. Usually the guide will emphasize the importance of hardware, the number of switches and the weight. 5. Is there any discomfort in the eyes and nose after opening the door panels? If formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the eyes will be astringent and the nose will smell the pungent odor (some exhibition hall boxes will put some dried flowers and spices to dilute the odor). 6. The countertop is more important, and some businessmen use half of the countertop. Be careful if there are any test reports and authorizations. It is better to choose a small sample to be compared with the expected opening of the table which will be installed at home in the future. Prevent suboptimal production. 7. If you are worried that the formaldehyde content in the cabinet will exceed the standard, you’d better reserve the samples in the exhibition hall. Sample the section of the sheet to see if the pressing of granular sheet is very tight, if loose means that there is a problem with the sheet.

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