Can the color of the cabinet door be customized?

Hello, the color of the cabinet door can be customized, in fact, for manufacturers, only to change the paint into other colors, so it is not particularly troublesome, or quite convenient. Now many families will use white, red, reddish brown and other colors, I think the best look should be white, after all, white is a particularly bright color, the home will look particularly refreshing, but the white cabinet stained with oil, it will be particularly obvious, so the appearance may be affected, but cleaning is still very convenient.

My kitchen decoration is milky white, because people’s eye nerves to white, Milky white, ivory color is the most favorite, will make people’s eyes feel relaxed, very comfortable. When cooking and cooking, I have a more pleasant mood. I believe the cooked food will be very delicious. I hope my answer can satisfy you and wish you a pleasant shopping!

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