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Veneered Hollow Core MDF Door Frame Specification Door inspection,sourcing,quality control,quality assurance,qc,sourcing

 Wood frame size

 80-350 width, 25mm thickness, customized is available

 Rabbet design

 One or two rabbets are available

 Surface treatment

 One side or both sides primed

 Color selection

 White,other color is available

 Rubber seal groove


 Raw material

 Plywood, softwood, MDF, hardwood or other is available

 Casing option

 Standard casing in store, customized is available

Veneered Hollow Core MDF Door, Honeycomb paper or tubular particle board Door inspection,sourcing,quality control,quality assurance,qc,sourcing



Sandwich structure, softwood inner skeletons laminated with veneered MDF


Oak, ash, sapelli, walnut, teak, cherry, maple etc. available


Standard thickness as 1 3/8″, 1 3/4″, customized size available



0.6mm veneer quarter / crown cut

Edge Band

0.6mm veneer edge band or solid wood edge band available



Finger-joint softwood or LVL

Fill-in Core

Honeycomb paper or tubular particle board


Unfinished or painted, PU or waterborne paint available


Hinges, lockset, handle

Veneered Hollow Core MDF Door, Honeycomb Paper Flush Door inspection,sourcing,quality control,quality assurance,qc,sourcing

 flat flush door for sale has natural beautiful appearance and looks comfortable and modern. There are various types of timbers species can be choosed to be the veneer, such as  Oak, ash, sapelli, walnut, teak, cherry, maple etc. 

The sandwich structure improves the stability of the flush wooden veneered doors, laminated with MDF can make the appearance smooth for veneer and painting.

We provide OEM and ODM service, our professional design team will customize the doors as you wish and beyond that. We provide “ready door” , which is easy and convenient for installation.

Door stiles and rails, mullion post, astragals and specialty mouldings

Door Components

Door stiles and rails, mullion post, astragals and specialty mouldings including burlap, mull cap, panel and glass stop are all offered for the door manufacturer and pre-hanger.

Available in a variety of raw materials and substrates such as finger-joint and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and different finishes including primed or vinyl wrapped. We can recommend the best solution for your application.

We understand the importance of keeping your manufacturing plant or door shop running with minimal disruptions so we apply our strict quality controls during the manufacturing, machining and distribution of these products.

Interior and exterior door frames

Door Frames

Interior and exterior door frames are manufactured to our precise specifications. We offer a variety of materials, both domestic and sourced from around the world to position our customers competitively in the marketplace.

Interior and exterior frames can be produced in clear finger-joint, primed finger-joint, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), or wood veneer wrapped and vinyl wrapped.

Single and double rabbeted frames, flat jambs and split jambs can all be machined to your specifications. For prompt service we operate specialized equipment for in-house value added machining of top and bottom dado, hinge mortise, strike and deadbolt, and stuffing of weatherstrip.
Other frames such as garage door frames and patio door frames are also available.

China’s “capital of wooden door”

When it comes to “the capital of wooden doors”, many people in the industry will have a place name in their mind. But it is hard to say why it can become the capital of wooden doors and what kind of wooden doors it is. In fact, this is normal. The title of “XX city” can not only serve as a city card, highlight the strength of the region, but also attract industrial agglomeration, which must be vigorously won by all regions. Although China’s door industry started late, it has developed rapidly in recent decades, and several “capitals of wooden doors” have emerged.


Yongkang, Zhejiang, the capital of China’s wooden door

On September 11, 2009, China Building Metal Structure Association awarded Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province the title of “capital of China wooden door”. China Building Metal Structure Association believes that Yongkang, as a region with high concentration of door industry, wide market coverage, scientific and technological innovation and brand building, has become the “capital of wooden doors in China”.

The city rose in 1997 and started from making metal fence door. Through 13 years’ efforts, it now has more than 500 door products manufacturing enterprises. The output value and output of door products rank first in China. The city has the characteristics of large industrial scale, wide market coverage, many product types, high standard level, excellent product quality and strong brand concept. In particular, as a well-known hardware town, Yongkang’s security door is far ahead, with famous brands such as Buyang, Wangli, Qunsheng, xingyueshen and Fuxin, accounting for 70% of the national sales volume and two-thirds of the national export volume. In Yongkang, the door factory can find all the accessories suppliers, and basically can deliver the goods within two hours. This advantage is incomparable to other regions.

Another feature of Yongkang is the door Expo. According to the statistics of the organizing committee, in 2020, the trade volume of the door Expo will reach 2.612 billion yuan, with a total of 91000 participants. After ten years of development, Yongkang door Expo has become an important door industry event in China and even in the world, and also a barometer of China’s door industry.


Jiangshan, Zhejiang / Nanxun

Zhejiang Jiangshan

On November 26, 2008, the wood door professional committee of China wood and wood products Circulation Association awarded the honorary title of “China wooden door city” in Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. Jiangshan City is the southwest doorway of Zhejiang Province. It is located at the junction of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi Province, and its road transportation network is perfect. Its local wood resources are not rich, but because of its back to Fujian, Jiangxi and other provinces with large forest resources, Hunan and Anhui provinces with more forest resources and weak wood processing capacity in the west, the government has made great efforts to develop wood processing industry for many years, which has a considerable cluster advantage. The category of wooden door products has developed from the original single paint free door to nearly 10 varieties of today’s paint free door, paint baking door, molded door, armored door, anti-theft door, etc.

Nanxun, Zhejiang

On July 15, 2013, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province was awarded the title of “the capital of wooden doors in China” by the wooden door professional committee of China timber and wood products Circulation Association. Before this, Nanxun has been known in the industry as the “capital of wood flooring in China”. Starting from the traditional solid wood flooring in the 1990s, after more than 20 years of development, there are nearly 500 flooring production enterprises in Nanxun, especially in solid wood flooring, with an annual sales volume of more than half of the country. Driven by the wood flooring industry, the production scale of wooden doors is growing. The wood door industry group advantage effect is obvious, the foundation is solid, the potential is huge, the development momentum is good, has become one of the influential clustering wooden door industry bases in China.


Chongqing, the city of suits in China

On March 18, 2009, the wood door professional committee of China wood and wood products Circulation Association awarded Chongqing the medal of “China’s city of suit doors”. For this honor, Chongqing wooden door industry association has made unremitting efforts, “Star” and “Meixin” leading enterprises also play a positive leading role. It plays a group advantage role in communicating with government departments, establishing production bases, communicating with the outside world and peers, and shaping local and national brands.


Pengxi, the capital of Mumen in Western China

On February 28, 2011, the national high-tech building materials industrialization committee officially awarded the title of “the capital of wooden door in Western China” to Pengxi County, Sichuan Province. For a long time, “big agricultural county”, “small industrial county” and “poor financial county” are people’s impressions of Pengxi county. The county government put forward the strategy of “strengthening the county by industry”, and insisted on taking the door industry as the breakthrough point to promote the industrial breakthrough. According to the idea of “highlighting characteristics and dislocation development”, the county government borrowed and introduced the successful experience of Yongkang, the capital of China’s wooden door, and vigorously introduced a number of door industry and supporting enterprises, which achieved great success. In 2017, there were 25 Enterprises above the designated size in Pengxi door industry, with a total output of 5 million pieces and an output value of 3.617 billion yuan.

Behind the competition of “Mumen’s capital”, it represents the prosperity and development of domestic door industry, forming several regional industrial clusters, reducing costs and improving efficiency. This is a good thing for regions, industries and even consumers. There is competition to have vitality, backward will be eliminated, regional competition, inseparable from the strength of a door enterprise.

However, for a region, reputation is only the first step. If consumers and businesses want to recognize the title of “the capital of wooden doors”, we must cultivate our internal skills. On the one hand, every enterprise should firmly control the quality and pay attention to R & D and innovation.

Wood Door Construction

Wood Door Construction

At Allegheny Wood Works, we know wood and we know doors.

We have put this knowledge into our methods of door construction to ensure quality manufacturing that combines old world wood craftsmanship with current technology. While our doors are truly solid wood (no thin veneer over particle board) we have engineered stabilizing attributes into the door’s construction.

Most of these attributes are based on the fact that the more wood is cut and glued, the stronger it becomes. Gluing woods together with mixed/opposing grain patterns make them stronger and less likely to bend and warp.

solid wood door construction
Some Key Features Include

door construction key features
Engineered side stiles. Still solid wood construction. No thin veneer over particleboard where you have to be concerned about scratches, knicks and sand throughs. Due to the engineered construction technique our side stiles are less likely to bow or twist. Note: Actual dimensions will vary due to machining and sanding process.

Solid rail construction. At AWW, we face glue two solid boards together for the center stiles and horizontal rails. This provides solid wood beauty and minimizes warping or movement due to face glue construction.

rail jointery
Joints secured by cope-and-stick tenon. All jointery (where the parts of the door interface) is cut with the highest quality insert tooling. We have invested in the best wood cutting tooling to provide fabulous jointery that glues well and is virtually gap-free, structurally strong and beautiful.

Top rail jointery is double secured by cope-and-stick tenon and steel reinforcement anchors or wood dowels to compensate for extra pressure on the top rail of a door when hanging.

Hidden foam expansion inserts to allow for natural expansion and contraction of panels.

Wood expands and contracts, you can’t stop it, so we design for it. These foam inserts are installed down inside the sticking portion of the stiles and rails where the panel is inserted.

As the panel expands, the foam compresses without the panel cracking.

If the panel contracts, the foam expands reducing the possibility of the panel rattling.

Panels are solid wood, no veneers. Panels are edge glued solid boards to bring you solid wood beauty while minimizing the chance of cupping or cracking. Raised end grains are sanded prior to being installed to simplify the finishing process.

Exterior door construction

AWW Warranty

The export of wooden doors in Shanxi Province rose against the trend nearly five times that of the previous year

The export of wooden doors in Shanxi Province rose against the trend nearly five times that of the previous year

Taiyuan customs news, in the epidemic situation, Shanxi wooden door exports rose against the trend, a total of 65.6 tons in the first four months, nearly five times more than the previous year.

Under the situation of Sino US trade friction and global epidemic situation, Taiyuan customs took the initiative to take various measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the export of enterprises. For example, we should pay attention to the content of free formaldehyde, reduce the risk of export trade as much as possible; improve the traceability system from raw and auxiliary materials procurement to product processing, and then to product export; adopt “no meeting, no contact” to handle business, and ensure that qualified products “Report, inspect and release immediately”. With the assistance of the customs, the export of wooden doors in Shanxi Province grew rapidly. In April, the export of wooden doors was 26.7 tons and the value of goods was 85000 US dollars, up 122% and 138% respectively year on year.

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ARCH FLUSH DOOR buying guide,inspection,sourcing,quality control,import ,export


Made from hardwood styles and rails with block boards core, cross bands and face veneers are bonded together under heat and pressure using BWP type PF synthetic resin adhesive confirming to IS : 2202 : 1991Flush Doors are available in three types :-COMMERCIAL – with face veneers from selected commercial hardwoods.DECORATIVE – with one or both sides face veneers from decorative timers like Teak.LAMINATED – with laminates of customer’s choice. The cross-bonds are from select hardwood, uniformly dried to the required moisture content and then bonded with special phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin. Flush Doors are chemically treated for termite and borer resistance.Available in standard sizes and also made to required sizes.Available Standard Thickness : 30,32,35,38,40, & 45mm.Thickness mm30,32,35,38,40, & 45