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Factory Audits

Furniture Factory Audit Services   provides Factory Audit Services in China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Factory audits are used to determine the production capacity, machinery capability, process management and the quality control in the factory. Factory audits ensures whether the supplier can supply goods as per potential purchase order. Adding on to the production of goods, Factory audit also ensures whether the supplier abides by the social rights or not.

Why perform a factory audit?

A factory audits will enable you to select the perfect supplier for your needs. It will allow you select a supplier that made commitment to management and social compliance.

  • Avoid the viol  on of humans right including child labor, forced labor, health standards and etc
  • Confirms that the business is working on the ethical terms
  • Ensures that the supplier meet the defined quality standards
  • Confirms the capability of the supplier in production as per the P.O
  • The machinery required meets the specific  on and has the capacity as per the need

Quality Kitchen cabinets & Vanities from factory of China, Vietnam, Malaysia and more Asian countries

Quality Kitchen cabinets & Vanities from factory of China, Vietnam, Malaysia and more Asian countries

1. Do you have quality warranty for import kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely. For any defective, missing, wrong cabinet parts customer received in their container, we react in 24 hours and guarantee 100% free replacement in a following shipment. For urgent replacement, we air ship the items needed to customer at our cost. Quality is always our first concern, and we have a ​continued emphasis on quality.

2. Would import cabinets have formaldehyde emission?

We only use CARB certificated plywood from reliable plywood suppliers. Independent certification can be provided as required. In technical terms, this means 100% of  our cabinetry products are compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products including hardwood plywood (HWPW), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard (PB). In laymen’s terms, it means that our kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity comply with the strictest regulations regarding formaldehyde.

3. What wood species are available?

A variety of wood species are available among our kitchen cabinet factories, including: birch,poplar,alder,oak,maple,walnut,beech. For other species, please contact us for consultation.

4. What is your production capacity?

Our kitchen cabinet and bath cabinets manufacturing network has a huge potential of production capacity. Our kitchen cabinet manufacturing network across Easy Asia that can always meet your cabinet orders needs.

5. What country you export your kitchen cabinets from?

By virtue of our large manufacturing network of kitchen cabinets across Asia, We offer more choices. We can export kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and more countries. 

6. What is the payment term & price term?

Our cabinet order payment term is T/T: 50% deposit, 50% before shipping. Price term is FOB departing port.

7. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ), how many cabinets do we need to order?

We work on container loads which means a minimum order is 40’ft container. As a guide about 800 flat packed kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities plus some trim pieces fit into a 40’ft container.

8. What is the packing like?

The kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are packed individually, knock down style (optional assembled style available on request). Poly foam and corner protection inside, A# grade corrugated cover and tray carton used to provide best protection to the cabinets.

9. Can you help sourcing other products other than kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet?

Kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet have been the product we concentrated on. However, we help customers sourcing a few related items occasionally, like cabinet hardware, counter top, or other kitchen and bathroom products.

10. Can I come to see your cabinet factory?

You are more than welcomed to come and see our kitchen cabinet factory before making a decision! We can provide every necessary help to your visiting: Work up a cabinet factory visiting itinerary, arrange your lodging and traveling, take you to our kitchen cabinet factories…

Is it necessary to edge the wood-based panels ?

Is it necessary to edge the wood-based panels ?

At present, with the rapid development of the real estate industry in recent years, a variety of products have been produced in the building materials industry. Today, I’d like to tell you about the important component of customized products, plate edge sealing. With the rapid rise of the customization industry, there are also brands and products. But in this huge family, if the same place is the same, everyone uses the same plate It is a synthetic board. Among all kinds of synthetic boards, the most important component is the edge sealing of the board.

Edge sealing of sheet metal

The quality of plate edge sealing can determine whether the quality of the plate brand and formaldehyde content will exceed the standard. Why do you say so? Because at present, most of the products in the market are made of synthetic plates, and some glue will be added to these plates in the process of processing and synthesizing. The quality of glue is good and bad, some brands are good and some brands are bad. The poor glue has high formaldehyde content and is easy to volatilize. Generally speaking, the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is 19-22 degrees at room temperature, if the edge is not very good Well, under long-term use, there may be edge peeling and falling, which will make the formaldehyde and glue in the interior contact with the air and lead to the volatilization of harmful gases. This is the reason why formaldehyde content in many families does not exceed the standard at the early stage of installation, but formaldehyde volatilizes under long-term use after occupancy. In order to avoid this problem, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of an edge banding.

First, ask

Ask the seller where the plate is produced, because in general, the better large-scale machines are in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing, and then the edge sealing machine. Now the best plate processing machine on the market is German.

Two, look at

Good edge banding is integrated molding, and there is no damage or edge burst on the direct contact surface with the plate.

Three. Touch

After a good treatment of the edge banding with hand touch will not feel the feeling of sharp stroke, because in the edge banding and chamfering process, are through a special round processing.

Four, buckle

A sealing strip that can’t experience this level of deduction is absolutely unqualified. Now many unscrupulous businesses use the way of pasting strips to seal the edges. In order to avoid such defective products falling into their own hands, it’s particularly important to deduct this level.

In the process of new house decoration, we all need to make furniture, choose carpentry with good craftsmanship to make wardrobe, or choose customization. But no matter which one we choose, it will involve wardrobe design, material selection, plate edge sealing and other issues. Is edge sealing important? If you have chosen the eco board with environmental protection standard of E0, is edge sealing meaningful? The answer is yes.

Quality standard of each working procedure of woodworking workshop for solid wood production process

As we all know, solid wood production process is very complex. In order to ensure the quality of products, each enterprise will compile the corresponding process standards to guide production The requirements and quality standards for materials in solid wood production and wood processing are collected, including the quality standards for each working procedure of the woodworking workshop, the nine inspection standards for the product quality of the paint workshop, and the seven inspection standards for the product quality of the packaging workshop.

This article mainly introduces the quality standards of each working procedure in the woodworking workshop, so as to provide selective learning and reference for the relevant personnel of the enterprise.

Quality standard of each working procedure in woodworking workshop

  1. Opening quality requirements

It is required to avoid big dead joint, core material, crack, black water mark, moth, decay, the length of broken material shall be within 5mm-10mm according to the specified dimensional tolerance, and the vertical tolerance of cross section of parts shall be within 3mm.

Main control points: surface quality, length and thickness.

  1. Quality requirements for plane plane

The parts must be planed along the direction of wood grain during processing, and there shall be no deep reverse grain pinhole and coarse burr. The side angle is 90 degrees. The planed edge surface must be flat without concave convex, knife jumping and wave.

Main control points: surface quality, angle, size, plane surface distinction.

  1. Quality requirements for use of press plane

The parts must be processed along the wood grain texture, and the quality of one-time planing shall be controlled within 2 mm. The angle tolerance of solid wood parts is ± 1 degree The deformation tolerance of solid wood parts shall be controlled within 0.5mm within 500mm, within 1mm within 500-1000mm, and within 1.5mm above 1000. Dimension tolerance of solid wood parts shall be controlled within ± 0.8mm.

Main control points: surface quality, chipping, knife jumping, angle, deep hole burr, deformation, etc.

  1. Panel quality requirements

Use the specified glue instead of other glue. In color matching, the panels with the same color or similar color, the same wood and the same wood grain direction must be assembled as a whole, and the water content difference between any adjacent parts and panels shall not exceed 3 degrees.

Selecting high quality panel glue can speed up drying, enhance bonding strength, improve water resistance and weather resistance (hot and cold).

Top vertical panel glue

Stitching effect

The size of panel line shall be controlled within 0.3mm, and the glue shall be evenly distributed. After the panel is unloaded, it must be stacked for 24 hours under normal temperature before entering the next process.

  1. Quality requirements for single side saw

The tolerance of the real dimension of the parts shall be controlled within 0.3mm. The flatness of the longitudinal surface of the parts to be spliced shall be controlled within 0.2 mm. There shall be no obvious saw marks on the longitudinal section. When the solid wood plate is longitudinally cut, its warpage shall not exceed 5mm.

  1. Quality requirements for band saw

According to the standard of die marking, the distance of saw line marking shall be controlled about 3-5mm outside the line during bending (Note: the actual die is 5mm larger) The surplus of the cutting head is 3-5mm.

  1. Tenon quality requirements

The tolerance of tenon length shall be controlled within (0-0.5mm) during part processing. If there is a tenon at the end of the processing surface, the tenon shoulder at one end shall be processed as the basis, and the tenon at the other end shall be processed to ensure the inner space. The hollow size of the tenon of the machined parts shall be controlled within ± 0.5mm.

If the tenon position of the part is in the process of machining, it must be ensured that the upper and lower end faces are 90 degrees vertical after machining. Processing of tenon position and tenon should refer to the process assembly structure to sort out the front and back processing.

  1. Quality requirements for use of lifting and drilling (or electric drilling)

Parts processing, to distinguish up and down, left and right, texture direction matching drilling. Deep hole depth is allowed to be within ± 1mm, hole diameter is ± 1mm, hole position deviation is within ± 0.5mm, perpendicularity deviation is within ± 0.2 degrees, screw hole depth tolerance is within ± 1mm, and all surfaces shall be free of cracks, burrs and other phenomena. If multiple hole positions are processed at one time, it must be ensured that the depth line of hole position is unified, and the hole diameter and process drawing are one to one.

Main control points: positioning size, hole diameter, hole depth, hole position perpendicularity, hole position deviation, surface quality, front and back sides, left and right symmetry, etc.

  1. Quality requirements of machine sand

Before assembly, the parts shall reach three levels of fine sand, which shall be free from roughness, skip marks, reverse grain machine sand marks, pinhole marks and other phenomena. The damaged or uneven and moldy parts shall be filled and sanded with AB glue; all knife shapes, process grooves and circular arc edge machine sand shall be smooth and free from deformation, and the parts assembly interface shall be sanded; the parts with arc edge position shall be sanded along the grain without reverse grain burr.

Main control points: unevenness, sand mark, smooth arc of pinhole, no deformation, visual inspection and good hand touch.

  1. Quality requirements for veneering and edge sealing

The edge sealing of the same set of parts shall be made of the same kind of wood skin. Wood veneer for edge banding shall be free of defects. There shall be no looseness and bubbling after edge sealing. In the process of edge banding, it is not allowed to scratch the veneer. Pay attention to protect the veneer when trimming.

Main control points: the surface is flat, the edge is not loose, and there is no bubble.

  1. Quality requirements for hand sand

All products shall be sanded along the direction of the grain of wood grain and shall not be cross sanded; all product parts (arc-shaped and circular parts) shall have smooth, smooth, fresh and even edges and corners, and the lines shall be uniform in thickness and without deformation error controlled within 1 mm; the parts with good sanding shall be free of wormholes, holes, burrs, undercuts, coarse cross sand marks or sand marks, and without missing angles Sand black, sand through, sand concave or deformation and other undesirable phenomena, after sanding, rough fuzzing, tearing and other phenomena are not allowed.

  1. Quality requirements for assembly and final assembly

When assembling the components, it is necessary to see whether the drawing requirements and the specifications of the supplied materials are consistent with the drawings. The edge strip shall be divided into front and back side matching and matching in the same color. When assembling the frame, it is necessary to reinforce the back side with clamps and punch the nails. When there is a knife shaped nailing, it is not necessary to nail too much to avoid hitting the knife. Before installing the product components, the parts must reach level 3 fine sand. If there is a knife shaped side plate and cabinet door core plate, the knife shaped position shall reach level 4 fine sand Sand, feel smooth without dents before assembly.

Main control points: overall dimension, diagonal, empty dimension in the frame, cabinet vertical, wood grain upward, gongs and nails not exposed, etc.

7 inspection standards for product quality of furniture packaging workshop

7 inspection standards for product quality of furniture packaging workshop

In the last period, we shared the quality standards of various processes in the woodworking workshop of solid wood production technology, and in this period, we will share the inspection standards of product quality in the packaging workshop. Packaging is in the last link in the whole furniture production, but it is also a crucial link. A good packaging of furniture products can improve the added value of products, and at the same time enhance the image of enterprises.

I. dimensional tolerance

  1. The allowable tolerance of the net material specification of each part of the product is + / -0.5mm.
  2. The tolerance of abnormal parts is allowed to be + / – 1-2mm.
  3. The overall specification tolerance of the finished product is allowed to be + / – 5mm.

Two, paint

  1. Visible surface (front side): according to the color board or the contract, there is no obvious color difference between the paint color and the color board, and the surface is required to be fresh, flat, free of obvious coarse sand mark, smooth and poor in quality within the acceptable range.
  2. Surface A shall be free of sagging, pinhole, bubble, pockmark, exposed bottom, whitening and burr.
  3. The brightness shall meet the specified requirements, and the back (invisible / concealed place) must be clean and fresh.
  4. The touchable part shall be smooth and smooth without burr or exposed base material,
  5. The paint materials used shall meet the national environmental protection standards.

Three, material

  1. Visible surface (front side): no crack, burr or rot is required.
  2. There is no obvious deformation and unevenness on the surface of door, cabinet and desktop (except D08, no adverse defects such as reverse lines).
  3. The back (invisible / concealed place) shall be smooth and the material shall be acceptable.
  4. Use wood-based panel to meet the national environmental protection standards.

IV. product process

  1. All splicing, gluing and other parts shall be free of cracks, degumming and visible cracks.
  2. There is no obvious deformation at the important parts such as door, pumping surface and cabinet surface.
  3. Flexibility and firmness: all moving parts shall be able to push and pull flexibly, and the visible gap at the joint in place shall not be more than 1mm; the mortise or bolt connection parts shall be firm and reliable, and shall not be loose or slotted when shaking and using (the door panel switch shall be flexible, convenient, without abnormal sound, and the hinge installation shall be firm when using correctly).
  4. The suction bucket shall be tight and firm, without loose sound in knocking, with the same width before and after, and the diagonal error within 1mm.
  5. The sliding rail of drawer shall be pushed and pulled smoothly without noise.
  6. Keep your feet flat.
  7. The tail of nails at all places requiring screw reinforcement must be at least 2-3mm deep into the wood.
  8. The door joint, face joint and four side joint shall be consistent and symmetrical, and the gap shall be within 1.5-2.5mm (the allowable tolerance is + / -0.5mm, which is acceptable).

V. trial assembly of finished products

  1. Finished product test group: the overall test group of the product shall be assembled according to the assembly sequence of the instructions according to whether its structure, hardware and color meet the standards.
  2. When the drawer is pulled out, the slide rail shall be smooth, and the drawer length of the whole cabinet shall be the same.
  3. All packaged products must be matched left and right before packaging.
  4. When assembling, the hardware shall be assembled in place, and there shall be no small group or missing group.
  5. All door joints and draw joints shall conform to the standard of technical department (2mm).
  6. The parts with radian are consistent with the radian requirements of relevant parts, and the error is acceptable within 1-1.5mm.

Six, packaging

  1. The packed product boards shall be reasonable and compact, not loose, and the safety protection measures shall be in place for the parts that may collide, without missing the relevant parts, the right and left matched packages, without missing the relevant parts such as hardware and foot nails.
  2. Each product must have a trademark.
  3. All hardware accessories and assembly drawings must be complete.
  4. The packing box shall be clean with complete parts and accessories.
  5. It is forbidden to pack the defective products.
  6. Handle with care in the process of handling after packaging, and do not hurt.

7, outer box

① the writing of cartons shall be clear, correct and eye-catching, and the cartons shall be kept clean, dust-free and pollution-free.

② the type of products in the box is consistent with the marks of the outer box.

③ when sealing the box, the tape shall be flat and free of wrinkles, the length of the paste shall be the same, the packing belt shall be straight and free of skewness, and the appearance of the outer box shall be kept beautiful and free of tape floating.

With the continuous development of woodworking technology, the traditional manual packaging gradually faded out of our sight, the emergence of the concept of machine replacing human, making the intelligent and automatic packaging line widely used. The neat packing line helps to reduce the transportation cost, the standard packing line can effectively transmit the correct information, and the beautiful packing line can improve the corporate image.

In the next period, we will launch the quality inspection standard for the paint workshop of solid wood production technology. Please continue to pay attention to us!

Leading and Largest Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

We are one of the Leading and Largest Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in Xuzhou ,produce kinds of cabinets ,sauna and wardores ,60% of our furniture are exporting and 40% are for domestic markets .Welcome to visit and audit our production lines .

Cabinet Quality Standard and buying guide

Cabinet Quality Standard and buying guide

Choosing cabinets is very important because it may accompany consumers for many years. When choosing cabinets, the following aspects should be considered:

Although the price of brand cabinets is high, if there is a quality problem in the product, it is possible to find the merchants to replace or repair them. Its meticulous service and after-sale guarantee are the important guarantee for buying cabinets.

Choose the cabinet according to your own preferences. Choose the cabinet style and color to be consistent with the overall style of the home.

When choosing cabinets, we should not only look at the table panels and doors, but also distinguish the cabinets manufactured by manufacturers from those produced by small workshops. The most important thing is to see whether the cabinets and sealing strips are processed by machine moulding. The improper sealing of the sealing strip can cause oil fume, dust and insects to enter. Are there any special waterproof designs added to the mesa?

For cabinets, material quality is the main factor affecting the quality of cabinets, different material prices are also different, the specific difference lies in the door panels, cabinets and countertops of the material. In addition, hardware is easy to be overlooked by householders, the quality of hardware is related to the life and price of cabinets, so we need to pay more attention to it.

You can try the following: 1. Look at the overall appearance of the cabinet, smoothness and color matching. The first is more important. 2. Installation of door panels and handles, adjusting the gap symmetry 3. Open the box to see the sealing edge strip. The seam is uniform and uneven. Are there burrs, cracks and glue opening? 4. Hinge quality and manufacturer’s label, whether there is a warranty period. Usually the guide will emphasize the importance of hardware, the number of switches and the weight. 5. Is there any discomfort in the eyes and nose after opening the door panels? If formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the eyes will be astringent and the nose will smell the pungent odor (some exhibition hall boxes will put some dried flowers and spices to dilute the odor). 6. The countertop is more important, and some businessmen use half of the countertop. Be careful if there are any test reports and authorizations. It is better to choose a small sample to be compared with the expected opening of the table which will be installed at home in the future. Prevent suboptimal production. 7. If you are worried that the formaldehyde content in the cabinet will exceed the standard, you’d better reserve the samples in the exhibition hall. Sample the section of the sheet to see if the pressing of granular sheet is very tight, if loose means that there is a problem with the sheet.

How to identify the quality of cabinets

How to identify the quality of cabinets?

Excellent cabinets are many times better than inferior cabinets in terms of appearance, use feeling and long life. So when we decorate cabinets, we must choose good quality products, so as laymen, how to identify the quality of cabinets?

  1. Look at the details

Can see the details of the cabinet, some poor quality cabinets in the workmanship can be rough, so in the choice can see whether the cabinet’s edge and door panels are closely integrated, whether there are seams, whether the edges are smooth, shiny and so on. These are easy to identify in detail.

  1. Looking at Appearance Design

When identifying the cabinet, you can see the appearance design of the cabinet brand. The real brand cabinet gives people a feeling of luxury, fashion and elegance. It is very fine in workmanship. Generally, the better cabinet has a smoother appearance line and will not feel rough.

  1. Installation quality

Look at the installation quality of the cabinet, the gap between the cabinet body and the ground is very close after the installation of the good cabinet, while the door panel is installed horizontally and vertically, the door panel is closed closely, and the gap between the doors is small and uniform. In addition, it also depends on whether the drawers, hinges and functional components are stable and smooth.

  1. Look at the Making Material

Good overall cabinet in the workmanship and material are better, and the material used is the latest, in the workmanship is also more exquisite, the use is made of solid wood.

  1. Look at the overall layout

Look at the overall layout of the cabinet, in the design to meet the various practical functions of the cabinet, such as: cleaning, storage, cooking and so on. The layout and size of the space between the appliances should be arranged reasonably, so that it is more convenient to use.

As long as the above five points are qualified, then the completed cabinet has no major problems. Baili Aijia started with cabinets, striving to satisfy the highest user experience. It keeps up with the new plate. At present, the use of Aige board has reached the foreign environmental protection grade of F4 star. For hardware, it is also the choice of the best quality Bailong and Heidi’s poems with very high cost performance. From design, production to installation, we are the quality of craftsmen in every link. We hope that every customer who chooses us will not regret it!