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Home Styler Furniture Sdn. Bhd.; Honsoar Jaycorp Cabinetry Sdn. Bhd.; Ly Furniture Sdn. Bhd.; and Artz Master Sdn. Bhd. (all for Malaysia); and Sanyang Vietnam Furniture Co., Ltd, Goldenland Vietnam Furniture Company LTD; Blue Valley Wood Co., Ltd; Xin Hong Company Limited; Advanced Cabinets Supply Viet Nam Company Limited; Eagle Wood (Viet Nam) Company Limited; Hong Sheng (Viet Nam) Industrial Company Limited; Fusion Vina Company Limited; Monogram Home Viet Nam Company Limited; Star Un Co., Ltd; GIAI MY P&B CO., LTD; Wissen Wood Vietnam Co. Ltd, VY KIET Company Co., Ltd; and Song Ngan Industrial Wood Company Limited

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Home Styler Furniture Sdn. Bhd.; Honsoar Jaycorp Cabinetry Sdn. Bhd.; Ly Furniture Sdn. Bhd.; and Artz Master Sdn. Bhd. (all for Malaysia); and Sanyang Vietnam Furniture Co., Ltd, Goldenland Vietnam Furniture Company LTD; Blue Valley Wood Co., Ltd; Xin Hong Company Limited; Advanced Cabinets Supply Viet Nam Company Limited; Eagle Wood (Viet Nam) Company Limited; Hong Sheng (Viet Nam) Industrial Company Limited; Fusion Vina Company Limited; Monogram Home Viet Nam Company Limited; Star Un Co., Ltd; GIAI MY P&B CO., LTD; Wissen Wood Vietnam Co. Ltd, VY KIET Company Co., Ltd; and Song Ngan Industrial Wood Company Limited (all for Vietnam)

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Wuxi Saunapro Technology Co.,Ltd,a very famous and professional sauna products manufacturing factory,was invested and managed by a group of experienced sauna experts,which locates in Wuxi Xishan District of Jiangsu Province,adjacent to the famous Taihu Lake and has

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The process of designing a kitchen, selecting cabinets and optional features, and coordinating the installation can be a very stressful process.  Quite a bit of work goes into the planning stage to ensure a smooth installation, and this work will usually pay off in a beautiful kitchen that with a host of new features.  Of course once the installation is complete, perhaps the most important homeowner task remains…

Inspecting your new kitchen

The inspection of your new kitchen can often begin during the actual installation.  As with any construction project, a reasonable expectation is that the installation begins on time.  As the installation crew begins their work, look at the way they handle the cabinets and the way in which they treat the other areas of your home, including your walls, floors, and ceiling.  If all of the material required for the job was delivered, you should see a smooth, predictable and uneventful process. If the installation crew looks frustrated, chances are there is design or product issues that they will be expected to resolve on site.

Once the installation is complete, you should be asked to complete a walk-through of your completed kitchen with either a member of the installation crew, possibly your designer / salesperson, or another employee of the cabinet dealership.  Be sure to take notes during the official walk-through (the dealer may have a form for you to use), and make sure the installer or dealer representative signs the completed inspection form noting any deficiencies (“punch list” item).   Take the time to be thorough during this walkthrough, paying particular attention to the items below.

The entire work area should be clean and free of all debris.  Look for stray fasteners (nails, staples, etc.) inside of the cabinets and drawers.   Although this is a relative minor item, cleanliness issues are frequently an indicator or poor workmanship.

Check all of the doors and drawers for proper alignment to a tolerance of less than 1/8”.  Today’s modern hinge and drawer glide systems mean that homeowners should expect near perfect alignment.  Also check to ensure that adjacent groups of cabniets, “cabinet runs” in indutry terms, are in a continuous plane.  This is particularly important if you have granite countertops being installed separately, because they cannot be installed on uneven cabinet surfaces.

Moving Elements
Cabinet doors should swing smoothly and with minimal resistance, and bumpers should be installed in the corners to minimize noise and vibration when closed.  All drawers and specialty items (Lazy Susan’s, tambour doors, swing-out spice shelves, etc.) should glide smoothing and without noise.  “Lumpy” motions are not acceptable with today’s use of ball-bearing roller systems and likely indicate a problem.

Surface Fit
There should be no vertical gaps between cabinets, against wall surfaces, or between appliances. Scribe molding can be used to conceal vertical gaps between a cabinet and wall, but verify that the cabinet is plumb and that the issue is with your walls, which is fairly common.  Also look for gaps between the toe kick (Thin, flat, 3 1/2” wide molding used at the bottom of the base cabinet) and the floor.   Shoe molding should be used here much the same as a scribe molding is used vertically and should be sealed with caulk to prevent moisture damage.

Look for consistency in the stain or paint without noticeable “puddling” or runs in the finish.  Run your hand over the entire surface of the cabinets to ensure smoothness and to look for any poorly hidden nails or tacks.  Keep in mind that with real wood cabinetry, there will be slight color variations between two cabinets and possibly even on a single cabinet.  On the other hand, two distinctly different colors should not be accepted.

As with your cabinet surfaces, countertops should smooth and free of any visual defects, bumps, or other imperfections.  Seems should be caulked with either a clear or color-matched product designed to produce a smooth, inconspicuous look.  The caulk should be neat and smooth without and lumpy bumps, globs, smears, and gaps.  Be sure to check the seals around the sink installation, the countertop against the wall and backsplash, and adjoining cabinets.

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Shaker-style cabinet doors are named after the Shakers, a Protestant religious community that came to America from England around the Revolutionary War.

According to an essay on Shaker furniture by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Shaker tenets held that manufactured goods should be honest in construction and appearance.” Putting those beliefs in practice, Shaker furniture makers created intentionally simple designs focused on craftsmanship instead of ornamentation.

In the kitchen, craftsmanship meant building cabinetry that was strong, stable and resistant to warping. For this reason, Shakers favored 5-piece cabinet door construction – a technique with two stiles (vertical sides) and two rails (horizontal sides) joined to form a frame that surrounds a center panel. This straightforward design would come to define the iconic types of Shaker-style cabinet doors that we see in many home kitchens today.

Shaker-style cabinet doors achieve their signature no-frills look with:

Square-edged door frame components – no carved profiles
Flat center panels (not raised or beaded) that are inset, or recessed, in the face of the door frame
Straightforward turned wood knobs instead of intricate pulls

While all Shaker door styles will share the design principles outlined above, you’ll find variations in today’s Shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors that offer opportunities to add extra personality.

In addition to the conventional Shaker door, KraftMaid® offers door style options with wider rails and stiles that put a more contemporary spin on the original Shaker design. And some of our Shaker-style cabinet doors include ornamentation, such as a simple stepped profile on the inside frame above and below the center panel or an unassuming cove around the inner door frame. These modest details add interest without detracting from the simplistic appearance.

If it feels like you’re seeing Shaker kitchens everywhere you turn these days, you’re right. Shaker-style door options have consistently ranked among our bestsellers for decades, and they’re not going out of style anytime soon. There’s good reason for that.

Designers love the versatility of the Shaker style. The uncluttered, understated look complements almost any design style – from streamlined contemporary kitchens to farmhouse kitchens that celebrate vintage elements.
Timeless appeal is another reason so many people gravitate to Shaker kitchen cabinets. You’ll find Shaker cabinetry in turn-of-the-century kitchens, kitchens built today and every decade between. It’s a charming look that will never go out of style.
It’s easy to live with Shaker kitchen cabinets too. Without the intricate details, there are fewer places for dirt and grease to collect, and the doors are easier to wipe down.

SHAKER CABINET inspection,quality control,quality assurance,sourcing,factory auditing,manufacturing

Shaker-Style Cabinets: Origins & Styling Tips

Shaker-style cabinets have been a steadfast and dominating kitchen trend. Popularized by the all-white kitchen farmhouse look, painted Shaker cabinets in colors like blue, green, and gray are now commanding attention in kitchen remodels. But, the original Shaker cabinet was natural wood. Sweeten finds out why they’re a perennial favorite.

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The origin of Shaker-style cabinets
Speaking of the original Shaker cabinet, where did this design come from? And why, are they so popular?

Shaker cabinets were developed by the Shakers, a group derived from the English Quakers and Methodists. They emigrated to New York state from England in 1774. Their communities grew throughout New England and westward in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Part of their beliefs included simplicity and order. Working with their hands led them to become entrepreneurs and craftspeople. They earned a reputation for high-quality furniture building, among other skills. From this, the Shaker-style cabinet was born.

light green galley kitchen

(Above) Renovation with mint Shaker-style cabinets by Sweeten homeowners Laura + Tim

What are Shaker-style cabinets?
A Shaker-style cabinet door is a simple, five-panel door. It is made of a flat frame with squared edges using cope-and-stick, or stile-and-rail, construction. It has a flat, non-ornate, recessed inner panel.

The design of Shaker cabinets is reflective of their makers. Quality craftsmanship followed Shaker’s beliefs in simplicity and order, and so did the design of the cabinet door itself. Form followed function since the utility was important. As such, Shaker-style furniture, including cabinets, served a purpose and avoided embellishment.

Why are Shaker-style cabinets so popular?
Cabinets are a big-ticket item in a kitchen. As styles change, it is much less expensive to swap out accessories, or even countertops, for an easy update. The Shaker cabinet’s simple style makes it pair well with various backsplash designs, flooring types, and countertop materials.

Shaker cabinet doors are easy to produce, strong, and durable. Without ornate decoration, they are also easy to clean. Because of their simplicity and minimalistic style, Shaker cabinets have proven to be versatile and enduring.

Shaker communities were most populous in the mid-1800s when their membership peaked at about 6,000. In 2017, only two living Shaker members remained. But their furniture style continues to influence American design today.

White and blue modern kitchen with little girl sitting on the quartz countertop after renovation

(Above) Renovation with navy and white Shaker cabinets by Sweeten homeowners Brandi + Chris

What home styles do Shaker-style cabinets complement?
Because Shaker cabinets have such a precise historical origin, you might think that they belong in a specific home style. But, the beauty of the Shaker cabinet (beyond its straight lines and minimalist appeal) is its versatility. With so many options in cabinet pulls, countertops, backsplashes, sink styles, flooring, and lighting, these cabinets can adapt to nearly any style.

Light gray open kitchen with white quartz countertop and closed cabinets after renovation

(Above) Kitchen renovation with Shaker cabinets by Sweeten homeowner Sally

Shaker cabinets are right at home in these home styles:
Modern farmhouse – Go with sleek bar cabinet pulls and straight lines in your backsplash
Rustic farmhouse – The cup cabinet pull is perfect here, and don’t forget that apron sink!
Minimalist – Traditional Shaker dwellings were simple and without clutter
All-white – Nothing says classic like all-white Shaker cabinets
Two-tone – Uppers and lowers differ but complement each other
Cottage – Paired with beadboard ceilings or beadboard wall paneling
Beachy – Think all-white or light wood
Classic – Granite countertops, traditional cabinet pulls, medium to dark wood flooring
Contemporary – Try dark wood cabinets and flat satin nickel bar pulls
Trendy – Try some color on the cabinets, like blue or green, with crisp white appliances
Industrial – Shaker lowers against a brick wall treatment with some open wrought iron and wood shelving
You can adapt a Shaker-style cabinet to suit your personal design style, and it will last the test of time. After all, these cabinets have been used in kitchens since they were first created in the mid-1800s. By design, Shaker cabinets are simple and meant to last.

Finding the right general contractor to install your kitchen cabinets
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Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, scope, and style. Follow the blog, Sweeten Stories, for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation with Sweeten.

We hope you find inspiration from the products and materials featured in this story. Purchases made through our product recommendation links may earn us a commission.

Shaker Style Cabinets 101 – Everything You Need To Know

What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?
Shaker style cabinets are classic kitchen cabinets that feature a flat, recessed center panel with square edges and straight lines. They’re known as a five panel doors design. Shaker cabinet doors split from the center panel. Shaker style cabinet doors do not have a lot of intricate design and ornamentation – the whole point is to keep them modest, practical, and minimalist.

A lot of people like them because they’re very easy to keep clean! Plus, add some popular kitchen cabinet hardware and they’re quite stunning.

White shaker cabinets are very popular – you’ll often see white shaker kitchen designs in both classic and modern kitchen styles. Shaker kitchen cabinets have straight lines on a recessed panel which gives a simple and sleek look to your kitchen design. Although you most commonly see white and light gray colors used to make your cabinets shaker style, the simplicity of the shaker cabinet style makes it easy to paint these cabinets fun and vibrant colors without looking too over-the-top.

Are Shaker Cabinets Going Out Of Style?
If you want a kitchen cabinet door design that will never go out of style, go for shaker cabinets with your new kitchen design. Not only are shaker kitchens easy to design, they also offer versatility and easy up-keep. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for modern, classic, or transitional – shaker cabinets are modest and simple enough to fit into any design aesthetic with the right styling and lick of paint.

Now that’s some versatile kitchen cabinets!

If you are looking for a kitchen remodel or an entirely new kitchen design on a budget, getting shaker style cabinets is a smart move. With the versatility that shaker cabinets offer, getting shaker kitchen cabinets is your best bet. Especially if you are on budget. If you’re worried about selling your home in the future and you need a trend-proof design which will stand the test of time, I would 100% recommend shaker kitchen cabinets. The classic five piece shaker doors have a great ROI when it comes time to sell your home because they can be easily adapted into a new style.

Are Shaker Style Cabinets More Expensive?
Usually, shaker style kitchen cabinets are one of the less expensive doors options for your kitchen. Shaker style kitchen cabinets have simple cabinet doors that are versatile to fit into any type of kitchen. A shaker style kitchen cabinet has a very simple design without much ornamentation and various types of wood can be used – this all helps to keep the costs down when you’re designing a new kitchen space.

We all like to keep costs down where possible! And before you make such an investment you might be wondering how long cabinets should last, the answer might surprise you — in a good way.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are also a great long-term investment because they can easily be repainted to fit in with a new kitchen style if you decide to change the aesthetic or new buyers decide to redo the kitchen in a different style. Add a white shaker kitchen cabinet to match your modern kitchen or turn the cabinet doors into a rustic piece to match your shaker kitchen with your solid wood interior. Installing your cabinets shaker style will save you a lot of money if or when you decide for a kitchen remodel. Shaker style cabinets will make your kitchen design money saving for you!

Shaker kitchen cabinets can literally transform into whatever you want! When it comes down to it, shaker style cabinets are a really wise investment for several reasons.

Bottom Line: Should I Get Shaker Cabinets For My Kitchen?
If you’re looking to design a cooking space which is timeless and trend-proof, shakers style kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice. Shaker kitchen cabinets feature simple straight lines and a recessed central piece which looks at home in many different styles of kitchen, so these shaker doors are a brilliant all-around solution if you’re having trouble picking the perfect doors. Shaker style cabinet doors are all about minimalism.

Lord knows it can be difficult when there are so many designs these days! If you’re still confused, we created 12 tips for choosing kitchen cabinets that will hopefully help you with this decision.

And lastly, these shakers style cabinets are not only famous by their craftsman origins and practicality, they are also easy to clean, affordable, versatile, and have a great ROI for your home. Whether you’re investing in the future or looking for cool designs to enjoy right now, you can’t go wrong with the classic shaker style.

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna s
Sun Stream Infrared Saunas – Featuring 360 Degree Surround Infrared Saunas. Infrared Sauna Specialists Since 1999 – Call 1-888 262 4477 CAN | 1-888 349 7770 …

Certified Infrared Saunas

Infrared Sauna Accreditations
At Good Health Saunas, we’re proud to say that the various aspects of our infrared sauna models have been tested and certified for items ranging from the quality of the air inside our infrared saunas to the low electromagnetic field readings from our carbon and ceramic heaters. We encourage you to read through our certifications below to learn more and feel confident choosing a Good Health Saunas infrared sauna.

There’s a reason other sauna companies don’t show you their 3rd party test results.

Why Certifications Matter
Peace Of Mind
Like anything else, you should only buy and invest in an infrared sauna if you know that you’re receiving a safe and properly-working piece of equipment. Certifications can help validate all aspects of an infrared sauna.

Quality Materials
Infrared saunas should be constructed of the highest quality materials. At Good Health Saunas, we provide our customers with the best models on the market to create the most enjoyable sauna experience.

Infrared Sauna Certifications
2021 EMF Report (Infrared Saunas)
EMF Report

The results of this test indicate that the heating elements inside our infrared saunas emit very low electromagnetic fields and meet all known federal, state, and industry standards.

Good Health Saunas 2022 Air Quality Report
V.O.C. Report

The results of this test conclude that concerning compounds in our infrared saunas are virtually nonexistent, meaning the air quality inside our saunas is better than outside.


FSC Report

Our Forest Stewardship Council certification proves that we not only take our saunas seriously, but that we also care about the well-being and overall health of our customers.


Emissivity Report

Most infrared sauna companies claim to have full-spectrum emissivity readings, but they don’t have the testing to back it up. That’s where Good Health Saunas is different.

Additional Certifications
VOC Certification
Volatile Organic Compounds

Lifetime Warranty
For The Heater Component

EMF Certification
Electromagnetic Fields

BBB Certification
Better Business Bureau

The price of timber shortage caused by the Russian Ukrainian War reached an all-time high

The price of timber shortage caused by the Russian Ukrainian War reached an all-time high


Last November, with the increase of demand in the U.S. market, wood prices rose, and then spread to Europe. Rising prices not only affect home decoration, but also bring greater consequences. In recent years, the construction industry has begun to change its strategy and hope to try to create a more intelligent climate environment with wood.

The price of timber shortage caused by the Russian Ukrainian War reached an all-time high

Russia is the world’s largest timber exporter, with about 30 million cubic meters, more than half of which are exported to China. The western world and Europe also have a large number of imports. Russia / Ukraine / BELARUS exported 8 million cubic meters to Europe. At present, wood products are in obvious shortage and cannot be replaced in the short term.

The shortage of timber is sure to lead to a decline in the construction industry, which will have a huge impact on the economic slowdown.

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