Characteristics and process of common coating methods in substitute processing

Characteristics and process of common coating methods in substitute processing

Coating is an important part of modern product manufacturing process and one of the important aspects of product quality. Product appearance quality not only reflects product protection and decoration performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value.

From ancient times, people have realized the important role of painting for furniture and other crafts, so there are clear oil, paint and other applications. After grinding, brushing and wiping, the furniture with the temperature of the craftsmen is used by the public.

In modern processing, with the development of technology and equipment, machinery is more and more replacing the manual operation, to a greater extent, to achieve the automation industry line, which is the result of the development of the times. The following will be a brief introduction to the characteristics, process and mechanical equipment of several common painting methods!

Characteristics and process of common painting methods in modern processing


Spraying operation has high production efficiency, which is the most common way of coating. Generally, the main problem in spraying is highly dispersed paint mist and volatile solvent, which not only pollutes the environment, is not conducive to human health, but also wastes the paint, causing economic losses.

At present, due to the demand of development and environmental protection, great progress has been made in spraying technology and environment. For example, the whole coating process is carried out in the vacuum box, which is not harmful to the environment and operators. 100% recycling in spraying can also reduce the cost.

Roller coating

One of the advantages of roller coating compared with spray coating is that it does not produce paint mist and spray during the construction process. Mechanical roller coating can work automatically at high speed, with high coating speed and high production efficiency. Both low viscosity and high viscosity coatings can be used in roller coating operation to finish both front and back coating at the same time.

After the development of mechanical roller coating, combined with the use of UV dryer, the effect of instant drying can be achieved. After the primer is finished, the top coat is directly sprayed, which greatly saves time cost and improves work efficiency.

Spray coating

Spray coating includes manual operation and through spray coating equipment operation. The former has low production efficiency and high labor intensity. The latter is suitable for mass continuous production with high production efficiency.

In modern spray coating, the spray coating efficiency is very high and the labor intensity is low, which can form a continuous operation of the production line. The utility model has the advantages of high paint utilization rate, less paint volatilization, etc.

Under the background of green development advocated by the state, effective control of coating to reduce VOCs emissions is also an important measure in response to the call of the state. By using the right painting method and equipment, it can save time, save cost, expand income and minimize the harm to operators and environment. In different processes, proper selection of brush painting, scraping, spraying, roller painting, spray painting and other methods, correct selection of painting equipment, will achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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