Characteristics of wood-based panel furniture

Characteristics of wood-based panel furniture

Wood-based panels are important materials for furniture and interior decoration. Commonly used are large core board, plywood, decorative panel, fiberboard, particleboard, Poly board, birch board, fire-proof board, plastic paste panel, paper decorative panel, etc. As natural wood inevitably exists and produces various defects in the growth process, wood processing also produces a large number of corner wastes in order to improve the utilization rate of wood and improve product quality, wood-based panels made from wood and other plant debris and fibers have been widely promoted and applied.

Wood-based panel furniture is unique and easy to load and unload. Because the raw material is man-made board, not natural, it is all through artificial transformation, so in this process will be more considerations of human factors, so products can better reflect the characteristics of humanization. artificial

Plate furniture is usually made of a combination of various metal hardware. It is very convenient to disassemble and assemble, and can be disassembled many times.

Wood-based panel furniture special II, personalized characteristics. People can customize wood-based panel furniture according to their preferences, including the above color, pattern, etc. Customers can handle according to their own wishes, very personalized, but also not easily deformed.

Wood-based panel furniture, the third, anything is two-sided, wood-based panel furniture is no exception. Wood-based panel furniture is relatively weak in environmental protection performance, which needs further improvement by producers. With the continuous development of science and technology, the formaldehyde content in rubber is decreasing, the pressing level of wood-based panels is improving, and the environmental protection of wood-based panels is gradually guaranteed.

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