Check points for Chinese outdoor furniture quality inspection

Check points for outdoor furniture quality inspection

Today, I organize a basic material about outdoor furniture inspection for you. I hope it will be helpful to you.If you have any questions or are interested in our inspection service, please feel free to contact us.

What’s the outdoor furniture?

1.Outdoor furniture for Contract use

2.Outdoor furniture for Domestic use

3.Outdoor furniture for Camping use

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Outdoor Furniture General Function test:

1.Assembly check (according to instruction manual)

2.Loading check:

-For camping chair: 110 kgs on seat last for 1 hour

-For domestic chair: 160 kgs on seat last for 1 hour

– For table: camping: 50 kgs, domestic: 75kgs (force apply on center of


If the length is more 160cm, two forces were apply on longitudinal axis of

the table top with a distance of 40cm on either side of the transversal


3.Impact check for Chair

– Procedure: Free drop 25kgs load from xx cm height for 10 times,

-To check if any deformation and breakage was found on chair.

4.for child Loading and impact check with half weight of adult ,if the

claimed max weight is heavier than half of adult ,we use claimed max weight for


5.Moisture content check

6. Coating adhesive check by 3M tape

7. 3M tape check for painting

Usually 5 samples are taken from the all the samples for function test during furniture inspection. If multiple items products are inspected at the same time, sample size can be appropriately reduced, at least 2 samples per item is acceptable.

For point 2 and 3, after the completion of the test, the product shall not have any problems affecting use, function or safety. Slight deformation without affecting use and function is acceptable.

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Precautions for Inspection

1. It is necessary to check whether the quantity of accessories is consistent with the instruction.

2. If the dimensions are marked on the installation instructions, must to check the dimensions of the accessories.

3. Install the product according to the instructions, including whether the installation steps are consistent with the instructions, and whether the location and serial number of the accessories are consistent with the instructions. If the inspector cannot install it by himself, could install it together with the worker. Try to tighten and loosen the screws by himself where there are holes. The whole installation process should be done by inspector.

4. If there are tubular fittings, it is necessary to knock the pipe on the ground (lined with cardboard) for a few times during inspection to check whether there is any residual rust powder falling out of the pipe during pickling.

5. The assembled tables and chairs should be put on the flat plate to check the smoothness. For outdoor chairs, if the customer have no special requirements:

– The gap is less than 4mm. If the person sits on it and does not shake, it will not be recorded as a problem. If the person sits on it, it will be recorded as major defect.

– The gap is 4mm to 6mm. If the person sits on it and does not shake, it will be recorded as a minor defect; if the person sits on it, it will be recorded as a major defect;

– If the gap is more than 6mm, it will be recorded as a major defect whether shake it or not when people sit on it

For tables

– If the gap is less than 2mm, press the table hard with both hands, if it’s shaky, it’s a major defect.

– If the gap is more than 2mm, it should be recorded as a major defect whether it is wobbling or not.

6. For the metal part appearance check, the quality of the welding position is important. In general, the welding position is prone to problems such as virtual welding and burr.

7. Also pay attention to the plastic LIDS under the legs of desks and chairs when inspecting goods.

8. For the plastic parts that need to be stressed on the desks and chairs, we must pay attention to whether the surface. Poor materials will reduce the life and safety of the products

9. For the inspection of the table that needs to be assembled, there may be color difference between the legs of the table.

10. For rattan desks and chairs, inspectors should pay attention to the color of rattan and the end of the rattan should be hidden in the product, not exposed on the outside surface of the product, especially where consumers are easy to touch during the use (such as the back of the chair).

11. The size of the product shall be consistent with the size indicated on the package, and the functional features of the product shall also be consistent with the description on the package.

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