Children’s room decoration parents must keep these three points in mind!

As a home industry practitioner, I always believe that a person’s value system will eventually appear in the original family, especially in the growth environment. So I also suggest that parents with children, when decorating houses or children’s houses, can consciously put in good value guidance to create a healthy growth environment for children.

Decoration Design of Children’s Housing

What kind of children’s room does a child need?

All the suggestions for the design of children’s houses regardless of age are nonsense. Understanding the physical and mental needs of children of different ages can give correct guidance and build a house that meets the needs.

2~5 years old

For example, for children aged 2 to 5, the basic activities at home are sleeping, eating, playing. The place of sleeping and eating is basically fixed. Playing is best set in the public area – the guest restaurant. Always in their own line of sight, easy to care for and accompany.

Five to twelve years old

For children over 5 years old, it is not play but homework that occupies the most time in their home activities! uuuuuuuuuu (Homework in addition to school, there are also classes of interest) So independent and comfortable learning space is very important.

Decoration Design of Children’s Housing

As a child, moonbirds often lie on tea tables and windowsills to do their homework. They not only interfere with the outside, but also develop bad sitting posture and myopia.

This stage can guide children to sleep in separate rooms, have separate rooms, and give the greatest respect to children’s privacy. The room is equipped with an adjustable learning chair, which is not only free from external interference, but also convenient for adults to guide and supervise.

Over 12 years old

And the independent study environment completely closed in the room is the cleanest, giving full autonomy, suitable for children with higher self-discipline.

What details should we pay attention to?

In a family with children, the most important details of decorating a house are nothing more than two aspects – Safety and environmental protection. The two most noteworthy points of safety are household safety and electricity safety, while environmental protection is mainly affected by formaldehyde.

Safe and sound

  1. Customization of large pieces of furniture is more suitable than finished products. Because customized furniture is customized according to the size of the household, almost all rely on Wall settings and large-area integrated design, and the finished furniture is a piece of independent, small size, light weight, many edges and corners, there are gaps in the joints of furniture, easy to grip and knock.
  2. Furniture corners must be arced or anti-collision strips. In order to prevent collision, this needn’t be said much.
  3. All cabinets must be strengthened with walls. Hollow walls cannot be used for hoisting cabinets. IKEA’s news is believed to have been read by everyone.
  4. Guardrails must be added to windows and beds. It is not much to say that accidents should be prevented.
  5. Wood flooring is more friendly than floor tiles. Children’s footboards are relatively delicate, wood floors are soft and heat preservation is good, children fall can play a buffer role.
  6. All sockets in the children’s room should be installed at a height of about 1.2 meters. This requires design planning before hydropower construction, and the switch should be reduced appropriately to facilitate children’s operation.

Environmental protection

  1. Glue is the most important factor affecting formaldehyde release, so material selection must meet the environmental protection standards and minimize the amount of glue used. Choosing the larger paint brands on the market is basically no problem, such as Libang, Medushi.
  2. Wallpaper is not recommended, because even if you choose environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper, it is difficult to control glue.

Ground conditional, you can choose solid wood flooring, secondary, solid wood composite flooring can be.

And the choice of furniture, there is a misunderstanding is that many people think solid wood is absolutely safe, in fact, it is not. Different kinds of trees have different content of natural formaldehyde, and formaldehyde will also be involved in the process of painting, so whether it is solid wood furniture or panel furniture, try to choose large brands.

For wood-based panel decorative materials and furniture, in the latest mandatory national standard GB18580-2017, the national standard E1 (< 0.124mg/m3) is the only formaldehyde emission standard, which meets the safety standards. Some large customized furniture brands on the market, the environmental protection quality of products is even far superior to the national standard.

Does the design of children’s houses need to be gender-sensitive?

Gender difference is a very complicated subject. Simply giving a blue card to a boy’s room and a pink princess to a girl’s room belong to their wishful thinking.

Chaotic and high-purity colors do more harm than good to children with immature eyesight. In fact, white, grey, beige, light wood and other neutral colors are more suitable for children’s room, so that children can participate in soft clothing collocation, more conducive to the cultivation of self-awareness.

Low-purity blue and yellow ornaments are comfortable

Instead of simply and roughly distinguishing by color, it is more practical to focus on the activity characteristics and functional needs of boys and girls. For example, how active and playful boys are, they need broader activity areas and toy reception designs.

Girls pay more attention to their own growth and development and appearance, long hair needs to be dressed, clothes and shoes are more types, so we need to consider more dressing area and clothing reception area design.

Every child is a unique angel. It is perhaps more important to pay attention to the individual child than to the gender differences between men and women. We are not all interior designers, but one thing we must do better than anyone else is to know our children.

Parents can take their children together to participate in the design, cultivate their children’s sense of ownership, and create an ideal home with designers.

Safety, environmental protection, privacy and freshness.

Independent learning space and loving memory wall.

Decoration is a practice, it is a combination of the life outlook of two generations of companions and even the old and young, at the same time, it is also the best place for parents to understand their children. As mentioned earlier, there is no training and exams to be a parent, but we should all work hard to become a qualified parent.

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