China Ceramic Heaters and Carbon Heaters for Infrared Saunas .

Ceramic Heaters:
The heaters are high quality ceramic heaters used in most of the saunas on the market today. These are not the metal rod heaters, but have a tightly wound wire over a glass tube interior to ensure the proper far infrared wavelengths are emitted. Both Ceramic and carbon heaters produce the same Far Infrared Rays needed to provide the deep therapy you are looking for. .
Carbon Heaters:
carbon heaters are also equipped with a protective covering on the heaters to prevent burns. Carbon Tech Heaters are larger plates that create a more all over heat. In addition there are more heaters in a Carbon Sauna vs. a Ceramic Sauna. Also heat coming from the carbon based panel is evenly dispersed so you can lay right up against any panel within the sauna with no change of getting burned whatsoever.
Foot Reflexology Heater (Carbon Units Only):
In addition to more Over All Heat with Carbon Heaters all the Carbon Saunas we offer have a Carbon Tech Foot Heater Built into the Floor. This is a fantastic feature for Foot Reflexology Therapy.

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