China children’s furniture super category Summit Forum held in Shanghai 2020

China children’s furniture super category Summit Forum held in Shanghai

On June 22, “China children’s furniture super category Summit Forum” was held in Shanghai. Professionals and children’s furniture brands gathered to discuss the development trend of China’s children’s furniture category in 2020. Environmental protection, safety, solid wood customization, etc. have become the most frequently mentioned keywords in this forum.

Ding Binbin, deputy director of Shanghai Branch of China Quality Certification Center, said in a speech that at present, parents’ requirements for children’s furniture are becoming higher and higher, especially the quality requirements of environmental protection and safety, which have become the first element of shopping. Some whole house customized enterprises can meet most of the needs of customized children’s furniture, but the safety and environmental protection are still outside the supervision. “At present, the government’s spot check system is very complete, and it is easy to sample the products produced in batches by enterprises on the market, but it is unrealistic to test the customized furniture at home.” Ding said.

Zhu Jiagui, CEO of Red Star Macalline, said that the children’s furniture category has been nibbled by many whole house customization enterprises, and the market share of children’s furniture enterprises has been constantly squeezed. However, he said that the next air outlet of children’s furniture category will be customized high-end solid wood children’s room. Red Star Macalline will promote the development of children’s furniture category from four aspects: investment attraction, planning and location, platform supervision and guarantee, category communication and traffic operation. Together with dealers and factories, we will open up the whole children’s furniture chain of manufacturing, production, dealers, delivery and service, focus on operation, and help children’s furniture enterprises to obtain a larger market share.

The forum also released the report on the development trend of China’s children’s furniture in 2020. According to the report, 99% of China’s children’s furniture market is domestic brands, but only 30% of high-quality professional children’s furniture brands. Although parents are generally concerned about the environmental protection and safety of children’s furniture, and the purchase of furniture has changed from a simple focus on price to a more and more focus on practical safety, personalized customization, and purchase of products to serve, more than 30% of parents still say “do not know what is the warning sign”.

Luo Jufen, Secretary General of the national household Standardization Technical Committee, said that policy supervision, big data monitoring and social media publicity are all improving consumers’ awareness of environmental protection and safety of children’s furniture. Now, consumers purchase children’s furniture, whether from the demand or from the safety, they have mastered some professional knowledge. In the future, we should continue to strengthen the publicity and implementation of national standards for children’s furniture, so that all levels of society pay more attention to standards, understand standards and use standards, and improve the efficiency of the use of standards. Only when the raw materials are stricter can the products reach the standard easily.

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