China Far Infrared Wood Sauna Inspection checklist, quality control , assurance ,testing

Some other essential inspection checklist features include the following:

  • Freestanding saunas must have a solid foundation.
  • Sauna doors should be sealed and insulated.
  • The sauna door should swing outward and should not be equipped with a latching mechanism. If the user is in distress, he should be able to easily push his way out of the sauna.
  • Saunas should be constructed from a decay-resistant species of tree, such as cypress, redwood, spruce, cedar or Douglas fir.
  • Any electrical wiring should be moisture-proof and able to resist high temperatures.  
  • Metal, especially screw heads, should not be exposed where people sit, lean or walk. Metal will get excessively hot and could burn exposed skin.
  • The ceiling height should be between 6½ to 7½ feet, but not higher, as heat will uselessly pool above the user’s head. Also, undue stress will be placed on the heater, which will be forced to work harder to heat the room. 
  • The temperature should not exceed 195º F, as recommended by Underwriters Laboratories. Saunas heated by wood-burning stoves may be capable of exceeding this temperature, but this is not advisable, as it can endanger the users’ safety. Saunas that utilize excessive amounts of steam should be set to a lower temperature, as wet heat can cause scalding.
  • The floor can be made from concrete, vinyl or tile, but not carpet, which will deteriorate from the heat and humidity and create moisture-caused health hazards. Carpet is also a fire hazard.
  • To best utilize the space and to achieve a balanced temperature throughout the sauna, the shape of the sauna room should be nearly square.
  • The sauna should be regularly inspected for mildew and wood decay around its exterior.

In summary, saunas are sealed, heated rooms used for therapeutic purposes and relaxation, but must be used and maintained properly to ensure the health and safety of their users.

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