China Furniture Industry Quality Inspections & Factory Audits ,Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Furniture

Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Furniture International is a trusted and long-standing global Quality Assurance provider. has served the furniture industry with a wide range of quality assurance and quality control services such as factory audits and furniture inspections for nearly four decades.

Due to an increasing variety of materials used along with a push for faster production speeds, high-quality furniture manufacturing can only be achieved when effective processes and controls are implemented at every stage of the production. At, our goal is to raise quality standards so that furniture companies secure their global supply chain and bring high-quality products to the market.

We place great importance on customer satisfaction. Our solutions aim to address the main industry challenges related to quality and give our clients confidence that their products are complying with their requirements and market regulations. Whether they want assurance that their furniture is free of defects, to verify supplier reliability, to improve factory performance, or to comply with international standards, offers tailor-made solutions matching their needs and protecting their interests. Our range of comprehensive quality assurance and quality control services for furniture include factory, QMS, social compliance, environmental, and health and safety audits, supplier management, certification preparation (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and SA 8000), vendor compliance and furniture inspections.

Our quality experts are based in the major furniture manufacturing regions. We provide our quality control services for furniture in China, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Poland, Canada, Denmark, Taiwan, Netherlands, Spain, France, Czech Republic, US, Mexico, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Lithuania, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Hungary, Belgium, UAE, Romania, Slovakia, Taiwan, Slovenia, Serbia, Egypt, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Jordan, and many more.

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