China Furniture Inspection reports,Kitchen Testing., Cabinet Finishes Hardware Strength & Durabiltiy., Storage Furniture Testing., Finishes Hardware Strength & Durabiltiy., Children’s Furniture Testing., Safety Strength Stability., Furniture Inspections is committed to accurate results.    

Furniture or the service provided must be of satisfactory quality, and also fit for the purpose described. When furniture doesn’t  meet some or all of those conditions – can help you fight a case with a retailer etc.

We cover most of the United Kingdom please contact us with your postcode

 and the nature of your dispute for a free quote. specialise in all types of furniture. We will promptly make an onsite visit to inspect your furniture, compile a report on the relevant findings and provide digital proof of faults that are found. We have a wealth of Knowledge in the construction and materials used in the production/ manufacture of your furniture and also what can be achieved in the repair sector, If the furniture cannot be repaired economically or replaced you may be entitled to a refund.

Upholstery Testing

Structural Material Sundries

Seat Testing

Stability & Strength

Mattress Testing

Sagging Weakness Walls Components

Flammability Testing

Material & Fillings

Desk & Table Testing

Finishes Hardware  Strength

 & Durabiltiy

Kitchen Testing

Cabinet Finishes Hardware  Strength & Durabiltiy

Storage Furniture Testing

Finishes Hardware  Strength & Durabiltiy

Children’s Furniture Testing

Safety Strength Stability

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