China Furniture Manufacturers Directory

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One of ’s key features is a massive internal database of suppliers. When we first started we were not happy with the available resources to find a supplier in  China  so we decided to build our own database. As of now, it has contacts for over 5,500 factories in  China  and over 200 fully verified and pre-qualified suppliers.

One of our largest  China  Manufacturer lists is for furniture manufactures and it contains the contact details for over 550 suppliers and over 50 fully pre-qualified and verified suppliers. We have visited several Furniture manufacturers in  China  and have a solid experience in the whole supply chain of wooden goods and furniture. This database of  China  Furniture and wood manufacturers is constantly updated and checked.

Please note that there is some overlap of suppliers between the different lists. many factories have multiple specialties.

We also have working relationships with over a dozen factories in  China  that make a wide range of furniture and wooden goods, from simple chairs and tables, case goods, beds, and high-quality structural wood as well as decorative wood and household items.