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Make it easy with   One Stop Sourcing Solution

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Bring your dream house imagination into reality with   One Stop Furniture Sourcing Services

At  , we Offer Hassle Free one Stop sourcing solution to help you buy furniture and home decor products without any touble.From buying trip planning, product sourcing, quality control, order follow up and logistic solution, we will handle them all to set you relax and enjoy the jouney.


Step 1: Free Consultation

As individuals or small business, buying furniture from China  directly is not an easy job as the import process is quite complicated. What’s more, the furniture and building material market in China is huge, if you don’t know how to find, you may get nothing.

Here at  , we offer free consultation to learn the details of your project and propose a customized solution that perfectly  align with what you need.. We make it easy for you to get started at no cost.

Step 2:Trip Planning

To buy furniture from China more efficiently, you need to plan it well before you fly to China. Normally, it will take around 7 to 10 days to buy everything you need for your project.   has been doing this for over 10 years, plan your trip with   so that you will have everything well arranged. We also offer hotel booking, transportation and everything you need for your buying trip.

Step 3: Factory/Market Visiting

After you come to China, we will take you directly to the correct market and factory located in Guangdong province to select products based on the customized solution we have made together in Step 1. In this way, we can do it more efficiently.

In the past 10+ years, we have built a solid foundation with hundreds of factories, we recommend the right one according to your interior styles and budget.

Step 4: Make Advance Payment

After we have finished the market visiting, we need to go through all the information and finalize the orders. The supplier often asks for a 30% advance payment, or 50% for custom products.

To simplify the process, we can help you arrange the advance payment to different suppliers, what you need to do is to transfer the total amount to our company account. as simple as that.

Step 5: Production Follow Up

After advance payment is done, the supplier will start the production. Since the products are from a lot of different suppliers, the production follow up is also important and time-consuming.

At  , our experienced merchandiser will follow up your orders seamlessly and make sure nothing is wrong and have everything finish in time.

Step 6: Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection is essential to make sure what you are going to receive is what you have paid for. As the distance from China is far, we must avoid any quality problems before loading the container.   offers final inspection and container loading supervision to ensure the quality, we will record the details and send to you for final approval.

Step 7: Cargo Consolidation

After the quality inspection, now you will need someone to help book the container and consolidate all the goods from different suppliers into one container and supervise the loading process to make sure you will receive the right goods with right quantity and quality.   has been consolidating goods for customers since its foundation. With our over 10 years experience, we are able to handle it well to set you free of any troubles.

Step 8: Shipment and Custom Declaration

The shipment and custom declaration is quite complicated, you’d better have someone who is professional and experienced to handle it for you. It involves export declaration from China side and import declaration from your side. Normally, your agent is able to do the export declaration in China and leave the import declaration to you.

At  , together with our logistic partners, we are able to provide end to end logistic solutions. All you need to do is to offer necessary assistance and wait to receive your goods. As simple as that.

Step 9: Unload and installation

After you have received the container, we suggest to check everything shortly and start the installation. During this period, we will offer guide and assistance to help you set them all. If necessary, we can also send our professional team to do the job for you at a flat rate.

Step 10: Customer Care

Our relationships don’t end with installation. In the unlikely event of damage or any other problems, we will help you solve it and coordinate with the suppliers to negotiate the best possible solution.

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