China has replaced Poland as the largest furniture country of origin in Germany

China has replaced Poland as the largest furniture country of origin in Germany

  according to the data of the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM) quoted by the German media South Deutsche daily, in the first six months of this year, German furniture imports increased by 23%, of which China’s furniture export trade to Germany increased by 45%, reaching the level of 1.5 billion euros, replacing Poland as the most important country of origin of furniture in Germany so far. At present, almost one third of the furniture imported by Germany comes from China. Another 27% of imports are made in Poland.

  there are three main reasons for the current situation:

  1. Although the sales volume of German furniture industry reached 8.4 billion euros in the first half of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 4.3%, the lifting of the blockade in Germany was later than that in most EU countries, so the growth level was due to the 10% increase in EU exports. In fact, Germany was only 1.5%, mainly due to the secondary blockade of Germany.

  according to VDM, the German furniture industry will not reach the pre crisis level until the middle of 2023. This year, the industry expects sales to reach only the level of the first year of the crisis.

  2. Because Germany has been closed for a long time, German people need to quickly buy desks, office chairs or shelves for home offices, but they can only go online and care about high quality and low price, so Chinese products are favored. According to the German E-Commerce Association bevh, the sales of furniture, lamps and decorations on the Internet increased by 27.4% in the second quarter alone. Office supplies increased by 22.9%.

  3. The main reason is that, on the one hand, in 2019 before the epidemic, China ranked first with a furniture output value of 180.9 billion US dollars, becoming the main force of furniture production in the Asia Pacific region. Thanks to the high-quality development of China’s furniture industry, among the top ten furniture export countries in 2019, China still leads and ranks first, accounting for about 35% of the world’s total exports.

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