China Infrared Wood Sauna Sauna Doors and Vents Inspection checklist, quality control , assurance

Inspect Sauna Doors and Vents
The moving parts of a sauna, such as vents and doors, may occasionally require sanding and adjustments. Check for loose hinge screws and fix or replace them with longer screws. If the door doesn’t close, identify the higher spots on the door and mark them with a pencil. Sanding can remove the extra material on the door. If the door closes but doesn’t stay closed, try adjusting the ketch or add a piece of cardboard between the jam and the hinge.

Vents are used to regulate the amount of heat, humidity, and fresh air inside the sauna. Since they are made of wood, they can change from time to time. Occasionally, one should loosen the screws fastening the vent frame to the wall or remove the vent to inspect it and sand off its edges. Sanding the corners of the slider slightly will help reduce the drag when operating.

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