China’s wood-based panel industry, early winter?

China’s wood-based panel industry, early winter?

For wood-based panel enterprises, 2019 has become the most tangled year. In the past few years, with the popularity of customized furniture market, the high-speed growth has not disappeared; the sudden market turning, the whole system seems not ready for winter

With the cooling of customized furniture, will the wood-based panel industry continue to decline?

Is it the future direction of wood-based panel enterprises to make “customized furniture” by themselves?

What kind of innovation and development path can the wood-based panel industry have?

With the popularity of customized furniture, the wood-based panel industry has ushered in a development peak, and a typical seller’s market has been formed under the condition of short supply. But now the supply capacity of wood-based panel has been improved, the buyer has occupied the dominant position of the market again, the competition is increasingly fierce, and the profit space is further compressed.

Facing the current situation of oversupply, some enterprises realize that if they want to stand out from the crowd of wood-based panel products, they only need to build their own brand and show the value they can create for customers. However, in the domestic B2B field, there are almost no successful cases of wood-based panel brand building, which are all caused by the good business, and the continuous customers and orders make the enterprises have no time to pay attention to brand building.

There are also a number of enterprises to explore a new way to enter the customized market. It is not uncommon for upstream enterprises to set foot in downstream industries, and their advantages are relatively obvious. However, the differences between them are not easily digested by such a “self-produced and self sold” model.

Brand building elements

In the past, customized furniture was popular. Anyone who saw it would be interested in it, so would the wood-based panel enterprises. Considering that the wood-based panel is the main material of customized furniture, the panel enterprises have unique supply and cost advantages in this respect, so it is not difficult to understand the behavior of a large number of wood-based panel enterprises marching into customized furniture.

However, it needs to be clear that the fundamental difference between customized furniture and suite furniture is that the core of the former is to meet the personalized needs of customers (including but not limited to the design aspect). Rather than selling furniture, customized furniture sells services. However, the existing teams in a large number of sheet metal enterprises do not have corresponding advantages. It is difficult to form effective competitiveness in the market simply by providing sheet metal hardware.

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