Chinese panel furniture packaging technology!

Chinese panel furniture packaging technology!

Guide: packaging can provide appropriate protection for furniture products, provide branded services for furniture product design, production and sales, and ensure that consumers of products get better and safer products. Today, with the rapid development of panel furniture, the research on furniture packaging is helpful to reduce the losses of enterprises in furniture transportation and sales, shorten the delivery cycle of products, and improve the satisfaction of buyers. 1. The current situation of furniture and panel furniture packaging generally speaking, furniture enterprises set up production plants in one city and set up sales and installation outlets in multiple cities for production and sales. It is different from industrial products that can be put into use after one-time production. After the production of components, furniture is often rolled and transported from the production place to the customers’ homes in different places, and then assembled by installers at the customers’ homes. If parts and components are damaged due to unreasonable packaging, it is often not found in time, and the damage of parts and components can be determined only when the goods are installed. In case of damage, the installation workers will feed back the information of parts defect to the production department, which will produce according to the “production order supplement order” (hereinafter referred to as “supplement order”) and reissue the defective goods according to the process. Reissuing spare parts from the production place not only consumes a lot of time, but also often brings problems such as product color difference due to the mismatch between the raw material batch of the subsequent replenishment order and the original order. This will not only bring losses in production, transportation and other aspects to the enterprise, but also affect the delivery progress of products, and bring inconvenience and bad experience to customers. In addition, furniture products transported to the site often need to be stored in the warehouse or on site for a period of time. If the corner joints of furniture panels are not closed, there will be hidden dangers of cabinet mildew caused by damp plates and other reasons. Therefore, it is very important to study the packaging of furniture. 2. Classification of panel furniture packaging 2.1 classification by packaging materials 2.1.1 corrugated furniture packaging at present, Chinese furniture, like other furniture products, generally uses corrugated paper as packaging material. Corrugated paper has the structure shown in Figure 1 – A, so it has the characteristics of light weight, low price and simple manufacturing process. It is precisely because of these characteristics that corrugated paper, as a packaging material, is widely used by furniture enterprises. There are many kinds of corrugated paper, which can generally be selected according to specific needs. Corrugated paper packaging can be divided into corrugated board and corrugated box. The compressive strength of the edges and corners of corrugated box is higher than that of corrugated board, and corrugated board is more flexible than that of corrugated box packaging. Corrugated cardboard packaging is often used in regular furniture products, while corrugated cardboard packaging is used in irregular, scattered or super long furniture parts packaging. 2.1.2 honeycomb carton packaging honeycomb paperboard is a new green packaging material that saves energy, protects the ecological environment and has low cost. It takes recycled base paper as raw material, uses the principle of modern bionics, and uses special equipment to make a honeycomb like mesh core, which is made by bonding face paper on both sides. It is a new type of paper board that can be used to replace wood and styrofoam. Compared with corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, a new type of packing material, has light weight and flat surface, which can save wood resources. The honeycomb carton kitchen cabinet packaging made of honeycomb paper has stronger compression resistance and folding resistance than corrugated carton packaging, and can better protect furniture products. 2.1.3 PE film packaging PE winding film is an industrial film product with high tensile strength, high elongation, good self-adhesive, high transparency and other material points. It is used for manual winding film and machine winding film, and can be widely used in the centralized packaging of various goods. PE winding film is mainly made by mixing and extruding several different brands of polyolefin resins. It has puncture resistance, super strength and high performance. It winding and packaging the goods stacked on the pallet, making the packaging more stable and tidy, and more super waterproof. It is widely used in the inner packaging of furniture products. Recently, a new PE film packaging technology has been introduced from the packaging field of other industrial products in the outer packaging of furniture. The outer packaging mainly uses a kind of “PE heat shrinkable film” that can meet heat shrinkage. PE heat shrinkable film packaging has special packaging equipment, which adopts mechanical, electrical and pneumatic combined working system. As shown in the figure, a series of processes such as feeding, PE film packaging, sealing, slitting to PE film shrinkage and cooling can be completed automatically after the product is put into the horizontal conveying line of the equipment. 2.2 according to the classification of packaging content, take kitchen furniture as an example (table, bed, chair, sofa, cabinet, etc.): the main components of panel furniture are shown in Figure 4 below, which can be roughly divided into cabinet (box) packaging, plate packaging, wire board packaging, table top packaging, hardware accessories packaging and electrical appliances packaging. Several categories of components have their own characteristics. Most of the body shapes of the kitchen cabinet are regular and suitable for packing. Generally, it is wrapped with edge and corner protection materials together with pearl cotton, and then made of corrugated paper into outer packaging carton for packaging. The packaging of door panels, side panels and mountain panels and partitions that are not assembled into the cabinet can be called plate packaging. Because there are many kitchen cabinet side panels with equal specifications (different row holes), the same kind of panels can be packaged together when packaging. All kinds of slender parts and components with different lengths, such as anchor line and eyebrow line, are usually packaged flexibly with corrugated paper according to the length of the line board. Or use outer sealed cartons to pack slender furniture parts. Countertops are an important part of furniture. Compared with other parts, they are larger in volume and mass and need to be packed separately. Hardware is mostly packaged in counterpart cartons. A set of cabinets generally have a special hardware packaging box. 3. The factors that affect the packaging process of furniture products include: furniture shape, structure, the structure of packaging box and the degree of automation of packaging. 3.1 cabinet packaging technology the cabinet (box) of panel furniture is usually packed in corrugated boxes. It is one of the most important parts of kitchen furniture packaging, and it is also the part with the largest workload in furniture packaging. Generally speaking, the packaging of kitchen furniture cabinet can be divided into three categories: whole cabinet packaging, bulk cabinet packaging and door panel packaging. 3.1.1 whole cabinet packaging process when the whole cabinet is packaged, 0.5mm thick pearl cotton can be used as the overall inner packaging first. You can use a matching carton (also known as the top and bottom flap carton) to pack the cabinet body. There are four covers on the top and bottom of this kind of carton, that is, two wide page covers and two narrow page covers. When packing, first seal the side seal of the carton with horse riding nails, and seal the top with adhesive tape. Install edge and corner protection materials at the edges and corners of the whole cabinet in turn (as shown in the figure below). In order to prevent the kitchen cabinet from being scratched by the box nails, three layers of cardboard can be used for corner protection. The size of the carton depends on the size of the kitchen cabinet. Put the open floor of the carton vertically on the whole cabinet, and turn over the carton. Finally, seal the bottom of the carton. After the bottom of the carton is sealed, part of the whole cabinet is packed with packing belts according to the specific situation. The method of “two horizontal and two vertical” can be adopted when binding. 3.1.2 with the increase of furniture export volume, furniture requiring long-distance transportation increasingly needs to consider the cost of transportation. Regardless of the relationship between the convenience of handling and the cost, only the whole container occupies the container space, which can keep the transportation cost high. Bulk packaging can save space, so it is used more and more. Panel furniture cabinet body is generally made of Melamine faced particleboard, which mainly plays the role of separating space and supporting shelved items. The decorative property of the board is weak, but the surface is solid and wear-resistant. This creates conditions for stacking and packaging of plates. Plates of the same size can be packed in one package as much as possible. When packaging, the bulk cabinets (which can be used to form the panels of the cabinet) of the same size can be classified and stacked together. Put appropriate side sealed cartons according to the size of various cabinets, and seal the cartons with adhesive tape. 3.1.3 door panel packaging process the door panel packaging of furniture shall be packed in side sealed cartons. First, put the products on the cartons and seal them with horse riding nails at the side opening. This kind of carton is mainly used to pack flat furniture, such as mirrors, partitions, glasses, beds, etc. Door panel is an important part of furniture. The surface of door panel of some cabinets is not the same material as the cabinet itself. Most cabinet door panels are more complex and costly than the cabinet body. The door panel is an important standard to reflect whether the furniture is gorgeous or not. Therefore, in the process of packaging door panels, we should pay attention to the following points: A. door panels must be packaged separately, because some door panels are painted. If they are packaged with kitchen cabinets, they will scratch the door panels and cause huge losses. B. Before packaging, carefully check the door panel, and then install the appropriate foam panel around the door panel. Check whether the installation is secure. C. Put the door panel into a suitable side sealed carton and seal the carton with adhesive tape. 3.2 auxiliary material packaging process auxiliary material packaging is also a very important content in panel furniture packaging. It can be divided into four categories: ultra long parts packaging, fragile parts packaging, small parts packaging and large kitchen appliances packaging. 3.2.1 some extra long parts and components will be used in the packaging furniture of extra long parts and components, such as the foundation line, the upper modeling eyebrow line of the hanging cabinet, the lower modeling eyebrow line of the hanging cabinet, etc. These parts should be packed in a centralized way with multiple slender parts as much as possible. Individual parts that are easy to be scratched need to be wrapped with a layer of pearl cotton and then packed with corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is protected by right angle paper corners with certain hardness. Finally, use strapping tape or transparent glue every 40mm or so to ensure that the package is not scattered. Both ends shall be sealed to prevent short parts from slipping from the package. 3.2.2 fragile parts packaging there are many kinds of fragile parts, the most important of which are artificial stone, glass panel and glass door panel. As the artificial stone table top is formed at one time, it is generally not divided and transported. It has the characteristics of large volume and mass, which makes it inconvenient to carry. The artificial stone table top has certain brittleness, which is afraid of being knocked by sharp objects. Therefore, people often use heaven and earth cover cartons for stone making packaging, and wood frames are added to the packaging for reinforcement. A thick sponge pad is often used as a buffer between the wooden frame and the carton. Glass panels and glass door panels need to use wooden boxes according to the area of the glass. Put a cushion in the lattice box and put it into the glass. When loading the glass, pay attention to keep the loading direction of the glass parallel to the box length. The edges of the glass should be neat; The glass that needs backing paper should be laid in time according to the regulations. After the backing is filled, it should be sealed. The four corners of the box should be reinforced, tightened and nailed. In the packaging of the combined box, it is necessary to put an appropriate amount of sponge strips or other cushions with good cushioning performance on the plug. Install the glass tightly, and then buckle the bottom and cover of the box. When the bottom (cover) upper plate and the plug upper plate are close, hit the steel belt, and the nail belt should be tightened and fastened. Finally, according to GB191-2000 standard pictorial signs for storage and transportation, the packaging box of glass products should be printed with the drawings of handle with care, fear of moisture, and lifting from here. 3.2.3 small parts and small parts such as dust angle, laminate support, crash pad, wood screw, iron nail of large electrical packaging furniture need to be packed in separate small bags, which can be placed in hardware cartons. In addition, there are hinges, paint handles, damping door closers and other complex hardware. This relatively complex hardware has its own independent inner packaging. Electrical appliances are outsourced and purchased parts of kitchen furniture, which are generally processed by electrical appliance manufacturers and have their own special packaging, which will not be repeated here- This article is from lubanyuan furniture and building materials network. Please keep the original link for Reprint:

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