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With regard to cabinets, after more than ten years of development, it should be said that people are no longer unfamiliar. But for how to identify the quality of cabinets and choose cabinets, people may not know thoroughly, and even some one-sided and errors, so that there are many aspects of the impact. Why does this happen?

With the changing market situation, more and more cabinet enterprises, in addition to some low-end small brands, high-end product selection is increasingly homogeneous. Is it possible to make excellent cabinets with good hardware and good board? It also depends on the details of the process, which determine the quality of the product. So the selection of cabinets depends not only on the overall performance, but also on the details.

So, when choosing cabinets as ordinary customers, what aspects should we start with?

First of all, we should check the details of the process description of the merchants to see if the details are in place and organized. Some businessmen say that it is for confidentiality, not to let customers see their own process sheets, in fact, it is afraid that customers can see the mystery inside. Transparent and open process details are not only the performance of enterprise’s confidence in products, but also an important window for customers to rest assured.

Secondly, it depends on the authenticity and reliability of the materials selected in various details, such as cabinet boards, door panels, hardware brands, and even edge sealants, all of which need to be authorized and guaranteed.

Thirdly, every detail of each business is different, to see whether it is scientific, reasonable and rigorous, the overall performance of the cabinet for preliminary evaluation.

Fourth, in the exhibition hall or factory, on-the-spot investigation, in-depth understanding of the product quality system structure, so as to have a good idea.

Fifthly, it is a network era to inquire about the word of mouth of products online. Whether a product is good or bad or not, network businessmen will embody it on the network, especially in some large decoration forums. Network word of mouth is also a standard to measure brand quality.

Following is a brief introduction to the selection of cabinets should understand the 26 process details:

First, cabinet board: Now most of them choose Lushuihe Grade E0 particleboard and E0 Grade Eg board imported from Germany. They are stable in environmental protection, effective in reducing pollution of household decoration, more environmentally friendly, more intimate and more reassuring. It’s important to see that the logo of the brand is on the real board.

Second, production equipment: If you want to do good, you must first use the right tools. Advanced equipment is the basic guarantee of product quality. It adopts the most advanced imported equipment, including German Homer edge sealing machine, row drill, Austrian Felda precision saw, etc. It can fully guarantee the processing accuracy and quality of each link.

  1. Hinge installation: There are imported embedded parts at the joints of hinges, slides and cabinets to ensure that the hinges, slides and cabinets are closely connected and effectively prevent the hinge slides from falling off. It also prevents damage to the cabinet body when replacing the hinge slides, thereby prolonging the service life of the cabinet body. This is very important. Some cabinet merchants nail the hinges directly to the cabinet board. Over time, the cabinet door will be loose, sagging, and even the cabinet body will be damaged, affecting the overall performance of the cabinet.

Hardware: Hardware includes hinges and drawer slides as well as handles and kickboards. The key is hinges and slides. Hinges are small, but their performance directly affects the life of cabinets. Hinges have many brands. Now the best original imported Blum top-grade hardware, three-dimensional adjustment, to ensure 200,000 opening and closing, life-long replacement. Effectively improve the overall service life of cabinets. It is a recognized hardware brand.

  1. Drawer slides: slides and hinges are equally important. Attention should be paid to whether the installation position of slides is 32mm positioning and whether there are embedded parts. Many small manufacturers draw lines by hand, punch and install without embedded parts. The accuracy is not enough and the installation is not firm. Drawer slides are recommended to use Austrian imported Blum steel drawers and damping series, which are firm, beautiful and durable, smooth slides, good opening and closing, and automatic positioning. Ultra-long orbits make use of more space.
  2. Back panel: The traditional process is back nail or cuttage, which can not effectively seal formaldehyde and is easily damped and deformed. Back panel grooved fully enclosed process replaces the traditional plug-in installation process, effectively encloses formaldehyde, is firm and beautiful, and has better stability and moisture resistance.

Seventh, plate connection: bar-tenon three-in-one connection instead of the traditional two-in-one connection, the connection is more solid and the structure is more stable.

  1. Desk structure: Most of the traditional wooden pads or quartzite pads are easy to deform and crack. The metal flexible structure replaces the traditional wooden cushion plate, and three aluminum alloy keels support the mesa. The mesa has uniform force, good prestressing force and low cracking coefficient, which can effectively prolong the service life of the mesa.
  2. Opening treatment: Both the basin hole and the stove hole on the mesa are strengthened with double layers to reduce the cracking probability of the mesa. Some businessmen only reinforce the single layer with four corners or without reinforcement treatment, which should be paid attention to.
  3. Edge-sealing strip: There are two kinds of PVC and ABS. German Ruihao ABS Edge-sealing strip (made of mineral water bottle, mobile phone shell and other food-grade materials) is beautiful and durable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, high temperature and aging resistance, and its performance is superior to domestic PVC Edge-sealing strip.
  1. Anti-collision bar: The cabinet body adopts German Ruihao ABS anti-collision bar, which effectively prevents the collision damage of cabinet door and cabinet body, and has a quiet effect. The performance of the integrated ABS anti-collision bar is better and more beautiful and durable compared with the traditional collision process.
  2. Edge sealing: all-around edge sealing process. All the boards around the sealing effectively prevent formaldehyde leakage, moisture-proof better, protect the environmental protection instinct. Some small manufacturers or even brands, only the exposed plate edge, can not see the part without edge, which is very environmentally friendly and irresponsible.

Thirteen. Edge-sealing glue: Hangaoniu brand hot-melt glue imported from Germany is extracted from pure ecological plants. It is pollution-free, firmly bonded and will not open glue. It is more environmentally friendly and moistureproof than ordinary glue. Must carefully observe whether the seam is uniform and meticulous, whether there is mildew, whether the bonding is firm, which directly affects the performance of the cabinet panel.

  1. Hanging code: The traditional use of PVC open-hanging code, poor load-bearing performance, easy to fall off. The third generation steel invisible hanging code of Kama, Germany, can bear up to 75 kilograms. The hidden type can be adjusted. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be used firmly.
  1. Aluminum foil paper: The whole sheet of aluminum foil paper under the water basin is paved, made of metal, and the surface is treated by special technology. It does not degenerate or fade, and effectively prevents the bottom plate from damp deformation. If the aluminum foil is not laid, the cabinet body will be deformed and the whole service life will be affected if the cabinet body is immersed in water for a long time in humid environment.
  2. Opening treatment: sealed with aluminium foil and sealed with formaldehyde in an all-round way. Although the traditional PVC U-shaped strip is beautiful, its sealing property is not good, and it is easy to aging, so it can not effectively seal formaldehyde. Now the process is to combine the two, the effect is better.

Seventeen and 32mm positioning: Connection holes are positioned by the international 32mm positioning system with high precision German Haomei row drill. Compared with the traditional manual positioning, it ensures the installation accuracy of hardware and prolongs the service life of hardware.

  1. Drainage plug: Redundant baffle holes are sealed by special drainage plug. This drainage plug material is environmentally friendly and tasteless, and has better sealing effect. It can prevent formaldehyde leakage, moisture-proof and decorative effect.
  2. Front pull belt of water tank: Aluminum alloy material with flexible water stop strip. It is more waterproof and firm than the traditional wooden cross-pull belt.
  3. Ground foot: The strength of the ground foot is related to the load-bearing and stability of the cabinet body. The high-strength ABS ground foot is adopted, which has good load-bearing and aging resistance. Be sure to pay attention to ABSA material.
  4. Crystal angle: Humanized finger-shaped design dust-proof angle, easy to clean the dead corner inside the cabinet, reduce the probability of bacterial breeding. Although it is a small thing, we can see the meticulousness of a product and the attitude of an enterprise towards products and customers.
  5. Diaphragms: Aluminum alloy is used to seal the front of all the diaphragms, with anti-skid eaves at the front end and anti-turnover diaphragm brackets at both sides to ensure that items are not easy to slide down and prevent the deformation of the diaphragms. If it’s just a flat plate and there’s no partition bracket fixed, it will be very strong, causing the object to slip.
  6. Strengthened connection belts are added to the bottom of the hanging cabinet to make the load-bearing better, safer and firmer. The structure of the upper and lower reinforcement belts behind the suspension cabinet helps to increase the stability of the cabinet body. Some businessmen are just the top one. Over a long period of time, the cabinet body deforms and the floor falls off.
  7. Kicking board: Aluminum alloy waterproof kickboard {removable} with special flexible sealing strip, easy disassembly and assembly, effective cleaning and hygiene guarantee. This is generally not very different, the key is to install flexible seals. If you want to use other materials, you’d better communicate with the designer in advance.
  8. Connection of cabinet body: The cabinet body is connected more firmly and stably by special connecting fixtures (also known as paired threading screw), which has beautiful appearance and enhances the overall performance of cabinet body. Some businessmen adopt self-tapping screw straight way, hurting the cabinet body very much, and not beautiful. It destroys the integrity.

Environmentally friendly accessories: neutral anti-mildew glass glue is used for table sealing, which is environmentally friendly and durable. This point also needs to be noted that some businesses will use fast-drying acid sealant, easy to operate, but the pollution is very easy to mildew.

Above is the details of 26 cabinet choices that should be understood. Here is just a detailed illustration. The crafts and materials of each brand will be different, but in general, these details are inseparable. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose cabinets.

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