Choose Kitchen Hardware, Choose Kitchen Hardware Accessories


Choose Kitchen Hardware, Choose Kitchen Hardware Accessories


Every time I go to a home store, many cabinets with similar appearance have several different prices, not to mention the imported cabinets. In fact, the big reason is the different hardware.


The selection dimension of hardware can be simply divided into:


  1. Material and Surface Treatment Technology of Main Frame Hardware


In fact, in the case of similar substrates, surface treatment technology determines the quality of hardware. In addition to smooth surface and smooth welding, the treatment method of surface can also be judged by color.


Common and better treatment methods are powder spraying and electroplating.


1: Powder spraying is matte, characterized by rust-proof, corrosion-proof and easy cleaning. The anti-rust grade is determined by the test time of salt fog. Generally, the standard salt fog test of domestic hardware is 24 hours. The longer the test time is, the higher the grade is, the less easy it is to rust. Therefore, when you buy, you can ask the merchants about it.


2: High gloss electroplating. Prices are mainly determined by the composition of electroplating, such as galvanizing, nickel plating, chromium plating, etc. Among them, chromium plating ranks are the highest, followed by fashion sense and aesthetics will be improved accordingly.


In practical aspect: chromium plating layer has good heat resistance, heating below 500 degrees, no obvious change in gloss and hardness, small friction coefficient, so it has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but it is easy to leave fingerprint print. Powder spraying has high performance-price ratio, high-end plating and strong functionality. The surface treatment process can be selected according to their actual needs. For example: condiment baskets and other products that need to be exposed to soot are powder-sprayed.


Kitchen hardware


Second: Track pull feel, load-bearing capacity


You can feel the shaking of the basket on the track and the smoothness of the whole pulling by pulling. It needs no astringency and noise. The closure smoothness of the cabinet door can also test the damp. A good track pulls as gently as it does without a load.


Kitchen Hardware Purchase Guide


Three: Selection Elements of Functional Hardware


Corner series is one of the most widely used categories in cabinets, because most cabinets have one or two corners, which are inconvenient to access and easy to cause low utilization rate. Installation of the corner system will greatly improve the utilization rate, just like an extra cabinet space. Turntable and full open monster. In terms of utilization rate, the space utilization rate of small monsters is high. Frisbee discs and revolving baskets are suitable for the space with pipes at the edges and corners of cabinets. In order to better use the experience, these baskets also need to cooperate with basic hardware such as damper guides.


Now more and more attention has been paid to the function of the hanging cabinet, and many brand designs are very humanized. The functions of induction switch door, lifting basket and so on make full use of the function of the hanging cabinet. Most hanging cabinets have high quality requirements for hardware systems, so it is best to choose a good quality hardware brand.


Kitchen hardware


Therefore, the price of functional hardware is also poor in material quality and surface treatment. The following points should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing:


Material: Metal material to be stable, the most basic to be waterproof and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil pollution easy to clean.


Work: Look at the overall structure to be dense and compact, no jerry-building, the overall stability of the basket is not shaking, solder joint is firm and smooth. Many manufacturers in the market are reluctant to use materials, narrower condiment boxes are unable to put.


Surface: Surface treatment is closely related to material selection, to achieve uniform and clean, no trachoma, no pinholes, delicate and not injurious to the hand, not easy to leave fingerprints.


Of course, whether functional hardware is durable or not requires the support of basic hardware. Although the basic hardware is small, it is the place with the highest technological and technological content. Therefore, the biggest difference of cabinet price lies in hardware, and the biggest factor of hardware price difference lies in basic hardware.

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