Classification and Function of Furniture Hardware for Wood-based Panels

Classification and Function of Furniture Hardware for Wood-based Panels

Classification and Function of Furniture Hardware for Wood-based Panels

In the production of wood-based panel furniture, besides the large-scale mechanical equipment such as cutting machine, edge sealing machine, side hole machine, cutting saw, etc., we also need installation tools such as electric drill and screwdriver in the process of installation. These equipment and tools are well known to us, but a set of board furniture with excellent quality and the quality of hardware accessories are also very important.

Panel furniture wardrobe

Because panel furniture hardware fittings are scattered pieces, many people often overlook their importance, because most of the panel furniture are removable, reassembly, high-quality hardware fittings can not only upgrade the practical performance of panel furniture, but also prolong the life of furniture, so hardware fittings are called the soul of panel furniture.

Summary of Hardware Fittings

To borrow a popular saying is: a good-looking skin bag is the same, interesting soul is one in a thousand. The appearance of panel furniture is basically no different, but the price is different, and this difference is in the hardware accessories and material, good hardware can enhance the experience of customers a lot.

Hardware, as an indispensable member of panel furniture assembly process, has a wide variety of types. The international standard requires that the structure is firm and reliable, and can meet the requirements of multiple disassemblies. According to the classification requirements of furniture hardware, there are nine categories: locks, connectors, hinges, slides, position holding devices, height holding devices, supports, handles and casters.

Among them, there are many kinds of connectors, such as eccentric connectors, screw connectors, plug-in connectors, etc. Eccentric connectors are widely used in Panel Furniture Customization industry, and the most common one is three-in-one connectors.

Three-in-one connector

In addition, there are many kinds of hinges, such as hinge, door hinge, glass door hinge, cup-shaped dark hinge and so on. According to the different installation methods of cabinet side panel, it can be divided into full cover, half cover and embedded type.

Damping hinge

Then there is the slideway, which is mainly used in the drawer guide, the door slideway and the disc rotating device for TV cabinets and dining tables.

The main function of supporting parts is to support furniture components, such as laminate bracket, laminate bracket, glass laminate pin, clothing hanger, etc.

The external hardware of panel furniture is mainly handles and casters. Handles play an important role in the decoration of furniture, and play a key role in the appearance of panel furniture. There are many forms and varieties of them. According to the different materials, there are metal handles (zinc alloy handles, copper handles, iron handles, aluminum handles, stainless steel handles), marble handles, plastic handles, solid wood handles, ceramic handles, etc. According to the installation location, there are drawer handles, cabinet door handles, glass door handles, etc.

Furniture handle

Casters are often installed at the bottom of cabinets and tables to move furniture. According to the different connection modes, it can be divided into flat-seat type, screw-button type and plug-in type.

These hardware components can achieve the combination of panel furniture and achieve various functions through various ways and connections of plates. If you want to make good panel furniture, please also ask the practitioners of Panel Furniture Customization industry to choose good hardware accessories in order to give customers a good customization experience.

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