Commonly used panels for bathroom cabinets

Commonly used panels for bathroom cabinets

1. PVC Bathroom Cabinet

PVC plastic-absorbing bathroom cabinet has a large market share, which is more suitable for the needs of most customers. PVC plastic-absorbing bathroom cabinet is based on density board or moisture-proof board. PVC material is adsorbed on the base material by vacuum hot pressing. Plastic-absorbing technology can make the surface and the base material fit well. The advantage is that the process does not require edge sealing after forming the sheet, so it has very good moisture and waterproof performance, and is not easy to deform. The bathroom cabinet using PVC plastic absorption material has rich color, wide selectivity, good high temperature resistance, and is not easy to scratch, relatively wear-resistant, easy to clean and scrub. Because this material is more suitable for use in the bathroom environment, and the price is cheaper, so it is more popular with most families. Its shortcoming is that its corrosion resistance is not strong, so that this kind of bathroom cabinet will fade over a long period of time, and if used in high-end bathroom environment is not suitable, visual effect is not high-end.

2. Veneer bathroom cabinet

The material used in the bathroom cabinet of veneer type is solid wood or medium-fibre board as the base material. After the whole surface is pasted with solid wood veneer, the waterproof paint is brushed on the surface to play a waterproof role. Medium fibre board (MFB) is a kind of man-made board which is made of wood raw material crushed, processed into powder and bonded with adhesives. The wooden veneer bathroom cabinet is used in the humid environment of toilet. Because of the influence of bonding technology and bonding material, it is easy to crack, which affects its waterproof effect and its service life is not long. And in the process of manufacturing sheet metal, it is necessary to add adhesive to bond, which contains more formaldehyde and is not environmentally friendly. Relative to solid wood bathroom cabinet, veneer bathroom cabinet also has the visual effect of solid wood bathroom cabinet, and the price is lower than that of solid wood bathroom cabinet, which is also more popular.

3. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet

What materials are used for toilet decoration? Among all kinds of materials for bathroom cabinet, stainless steel is not widely used in family decoration. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel sheet through several processes. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet has strong waterproof performance, very durable, environmentally friendly, mildew-proof, rust-proof. The disadvantage is that stainless steel is relatively thin, and it will change color and bend in wet environment for a long time, so its practicability is not strong. Stainless steel surface is easy to leave traces of water stains, and it is easy to darken and lose luster over time.

4. Advanced Oak Bathroom Cabinet

The advanced oak bathroom cabinet is based on oak, and its surface is painted with waterproof and environmental protection paint. Its advantages are less formaldehyde content, strong environmental protection, and durable materials. Oak bathroom cabinet price is relatively high, suitable for people who pay attention to quality of life and better economic conditions to choose.

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