Comprehensive interpretation of panel furniture edge banding process

Comprehensive interpretation of panel furniture edge banding process

Guide: as for panel furniture, generally speaking, base material will be concerned by many owners, because it often determines the quality and environmental performance of materials; The beauty of the surface layer is also valued by many owners, because it determines the overall coordination and beauty of the space. The edge banding process is easy to be ignored. The edge banding process in panel furniture will determine the aesthetics, service life and environmental protection of furniture due to the good and bad edge banding. Specifically, good and accurate edge banding can make the furniture look more flat and beautiful, touch it more smooth, and control the release of VOC organic compounds in the plate at the same time. So, what kinds of folding and sealing edges are there for general indoor panel furniture? What are their characteristics? Please see the following analysis: first, ordinary hot melt adhesive edge banding and pur adhesive edge banding. At present, domestic traditional edge banding machines use hot melt adhesive. Common hot melt adhesives include polyamide hot melt adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive, polyolefin hot melt adhesive, PUR hot melt adhesive, etc., of which the most commonly used are EVA hot melt adhesive and pur hot melt adhesive. Generally, the process of plate edge banding is formed by evenly coating hot melt adhesive or PUR adhesive on the edge banding strip and plate respectively, and then hot pressing. In the traditional process, there are often two difficulties in the process of edge banding: one is ultra narrow edge banding; Second, end seal treatment. In the process of using traditional hot melt adhesive for edge banding, the bonding between adhesive and edge banding strip is prone to obvious problems such as glue seam and insufficient bonding fastness, which makes it difficult to achieve the ideal effect of precision and beauty. Using pur adhesive for edge banding can obtain higher bonding strength and better high temperature resistance and solution resistance, which not only solves the problem of glue joint, but also has higher waterproof performance. 2、 Activating edge banding technology laser edge banding technology is not very common in the field of furniture. The so-called laser edge banding technology refers to the laser generated by the edge banding machine, which instantly activates the laser polymer distributed on the edge banding strip and quickly fuses the edge banding strip and the plate. Laser edge banding has the following advantages: 1. Seamless and beautiful; 2. Glue free environmental protection; 3. Save a lot of manpower such as gluing and trimming; 4. The product quality is stable. In the whole process, the laser concentrated energy melts the functional layer with laser absorbent, with rapid reaction time, high laser energy absorption rate and utilization rate, and the whole process is energy-saving and environmental protection. The bonding strength between the special functional layer and the edge banding belt is very high, just like a polymer whole, so the laser edge banding can be understood as only one “bonding surface”, which greatly improves the durable Bonding Peel strength and enhances the waterproof and other functions. Laser edge banding technology eliminates the gluing device and reduces the equipment maintenance cost and the labor cost of post-processing glue line. However, the laser edge banding technology is not perfect, and there are also shortcomings, mainly manifested in the slightly poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and the high cost of equipment and materials required by the laser edge banding technology. So it is more suitable for some relatively high-end brand products. At present, there are two kinds of edge banding used for hot air edge banding in the market, one is edge banding with pre coated adhesive layer, and the other is edge banding with functional layer like that used for laser edge banding. Hot air edge banding is to spray high-temperature and high-pressure hot air onto the edge banding belt through the nozzle of the edge banding machine, melt the pre coated adhesive layer or functional layer, and then press the edge banding belt onto the plate with a roller mechanism. The quality of hot air edge banding can be comparable to that of laser edge banding. The hot air used is easier to obtain and cheaper. It is a low-cost alternative to laser. However, only part of the hot air emitted by the hot air edge banding machine is absorbed by the adhesive backing of the edge banding strip, and the rest is wasted. The absorption and conversion efficiency of the hot air is not as high as that of the laser. In the era of coexistence of traditional edge banding and new seamless edge banding, the current hot-air edge banding machine is mostly made into a dual-purpose machine, and users can easily switch between traditional hot-melt adhesive edge banding and hot-air edge banding.

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