Connection form of wooden tenon

Connection form of wooden tenon

  1. According to the tenon and its angle, it can be divided into: straight tenon, oblique tenon and dovetail tenon.
  2. According to the integrity of tenon and square material, it can be divided into short tenon and round tenon.
  3. According to whether the top surface of tenon is open, it can be divided into opening tenon, closing tenon and half closing tenon.
  4. According to whether the tenon is through, it can be divided into open tenon and press tenon.
  5. According to the number of tenons, they can be divided into: single tenon, double tenon and multi tenon.

The above five divisions can be freely combined in application, for example, the half cover dovetail and three tenons of the large corner part of the window drawer can be used for joining. In this way, the combination of five forms can change thousands of joint forms. I will not list them one by one, OK!

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