Custom-made wardrobe Raw Materials types and quality

Custom-made wardrobe Raw Materials types and quality

Solid wood particle board

Solid wood particleboard, which is a new type of environmentally friendly material, is produced by particleboard technology. Solid wood particulate board has high density and large wood fibre particles, which preserves the nature of natural wood. The content of solid wood particulate board is generally less than 5% in the use of adhesives, and it has good environmental protection. The nail holding force is better, the texture is lighter, and it will not cause too much pressure to the wardrobe, but the bearing capacity is not weak, and the cost is low, the cost-effective ratio is high, so it is often used in wardrobe manufacturing.

Ecological lacquer-free board Melamine MDF and Plywood

If you pursue economic benefits, and pay attention to home health, then the eco-board is a good choice. In recent years, eco-panels have been widely used, and many people choose them when building wardrobes. This kind of board is also called Malacca eco-paint-free board. It is a solid wood eco-paint-free board with good stability, strong anti-deformation ability, strong nail holding force. The main environmental protection level is very high up to the European E0 standard, and the formaldehyde emission is below 0.5.


Midium Density boards are made of powdered wood fibers and compacted at high temperatures, which have good smoothness. This kind of board material is soft and impact-resistant, with high strength, uniform density after pressing, and easy to reprocess. It is suitable for making plastic absorption board, baking varnish board, etc. But the disadvantage is poor waterproof, easy expansion and deformation. Buy density board: The density board mainly detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. The density board is divided into E1 and E2 levels according to formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde emission exceeds 30mg/100g. Generally speaking, most of the density boards in the large-scale factories are qualified. Most of the density boards on the market are E2 grade, and less are E1 grade.

Solid wood multilayer board Plywood

Solid wood multi-ply boards have high production costs. Three splints, five splints, nine splints and twelve splints are common. Core: poplar, miscellaneous wood, laminated wood multilayer board; Structural strength is good, stability is good. Plywood has a large amount of glue, so it is necessary to seal the edge and reduce pollution during construction. Choose solid wood multi-layer board: choose multi-layer board mainly depends on its formaldehyde emission and bonding strength. If the bonding strength of plywood is not good, it is easy to break up. When choosing plywood, pay attention to whether the nominal thickness is consistent with the actual thickness.

  1. Which is better, solid wood particulate board or ecological board?
  2. Environmental protection comparison:

Eco-panels can also be said to be three-ply boards, with Chinese fir or Malacca deck in the middle, decorative panels on both sides, and then bond the three-ply boards together through cementing agent, and finally make the eco-panels we see through deep processing. Granular board is usually made of solid wood particles and plant debris mixed with cementitious agent after high temperature pressing. There is no solid wood in the middle. How much solid wood debris is filled is not clear to us.

Summary: Friends who have used particulate board to make furniture should have such a feeling that after opening the wardrobe there will be a great taste, which is generally gum flavor, glue contains formaldehyde ingredients, so the environmental protection of the ecological board will be strengthened.

  1. Moisture-proof comparison

Eco-board is made of the whole piece of wood, the density is relatively large, and the speed of water vapor penetration into eco-board is relatively slow, so the moisture-proof performance of eco-board is relatively good. Particle boards are mainly made by high temperature pressing of wood debris, so the density of such boards is relatively low, which can easily lead to moisture into the interior of ecological boards, resulting in a large area of wet particle boards eventually become deformed, or even mildew and rot in serious cases.

Summary: The moistureproof of eco-board will be stronger.

  1. Hardness comparison

The hardness and nail holding force of eco-panels are better because of the solid wood inside, and it is not easy to break and deform in the later stage of our processing.

Summary: Comparatively speaking, the hardness of particle board is not as good as that of ecological board.

You already know what the best wardrobe material is. Eco-board is a very high-quality wardrobe material. Although the price is a little higher, the quality is also higher. It is recommended to choose brand eco-board. In case of fake and inferior products, wardrobes not only can not be used for a long time, but also affect health, which is not worth it.

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