Custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe

Customized wardrobes have become one of the essential furniture for families in Europe and America in the 1980s. In China, although the development of customized wardrobes is still in the initial stage, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s understanding of decoration has gone up to a higher level.

Customized wardrobe is becoming an indispensable part of modern family decoration. Customized wardrobes are destined to become a hot spot of household wardrobes in the next few years due to their tailor-made, environmentally friendly, fashionable and professional characteristics.

Selection of Substrates

Traditional hand-made furniture mostly uses wood core board and decorative panel. Many products on the market, such as wood core board and decorative panel, are inferior in level. It is difficult to reach the standard in environmental protection and anti-deformation. The overall wardrobe tailored to the environment is mostly made of E0 grade melamine board, which is made of factory materials, edge sealing, row holes and assembly. It refuses to use glue and paint with higher methanol content. The wardrobe has clear lines, moisture-proof, anti-deformation, strong wear resistance and high environmental protection.

Manufacturing process

The process level of a cabinet body is extremely important. Hand-made edge sealing is neither strict nor orderly, while factory production greatly improves and improves the precision of the work and process level, and greatly shortens the production cycle. All the processes are completed in a single step in the factory, and can be completed in a short time when installed on site. In order to ensure the tightly sealed edge treatment, smooth lines, with a variety of convenient and fashionable hardware, ingenious combination, give more humanized concept of home, let our living space become more harmonious and comfortable.

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