Customized wardrobe material quality TEST

Customized wardrobe material quality TEST

Customized wardrobe material quality is not up to standard

The quality of customized wardrobes was compared by the testing institutions designated by our customers. The results show that the harmful substances in these samples are all within the qualified range, but the quality of some samples is not up to the standard.

At home and abroad, the environmental protection quality of furniture is mainly controlled by choosing and purchasing good plywood and MDF. In fact, the production and installation process of custom furniture has a great impact on the quality of furniture. This comparative test involves five categories and 25 project indicators, including harmful substances, design and installation technology, odor, etc.

When buy the wardrobe ,Please check the raw materials such as wooden panels quality and formaldehyde emission ,such as CARB P2 ,E0 ,FSC and related certificates .

In this comparative experiment, five indicators of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and TVOC release were tested for harmful substances, which comprehensively reflected the content of harmful substances released from customized wardrobes to indoor environment. After testing, all the samples conform to SZJG 52-2016 “Limit of Hazardous Substances in Furniture Products and Raw and Auxiliary Materials” Technical Specification of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Authoritative personage reminds, the harmful substance release quantity of furniture meets the standard requirement, does not mean that the harmful substance concentration of indoor environment is low. The concentration of harmful substances in indoor environment is the concentration of harmful substances released by all furniture and decorative materials placed indoors. If the quantity of indoor furniture is too large and the density is too high, even if the amount of harmful substances released by each furniture is not high, the total concentration of harmful substances released indoors at the same time can not be ignored. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the density of indoor furniture.

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