Dalian Changxing Island customs helps import logs to pass customs quickly

Dalian Changxing Island customs helps import logs to pass customs quickly

Recently, a ship from Russia loaded with 7597.26 cubic meters of Larch logs sailed into Dalian Changxing Island public wharf. The customs officers of Changxing Island, Dalian carried out boarding and quarantine treatment on the surface of imported logs after finishing the risk rating of ship infection. By taking measures such as unloading and inspection at the same time, vertical inspection and vertical release, sampling and inspection are completed after confirming that there is no risk of carrying harmful organisms, so as to help the entry logs to pass the customs quickly.

“Dalian Changxing Island customs has greatly helped our enterprise in log import. In order to ensure that our work questions are answered in “second level”, there are 24-hour online services in the wechat contact group of Customs enterprises established by the customs. It rained heavily in Dalian these two days. In order to get the logs through customs as soon as possible, the customs officers carried out on-site quarantine inspection in the rain. Now the customs clearance time is further compressed, so that our demurrage related costs are greatly reduced. ” Dalian Zhonglin Investment Co., Ltd. said.

In view of the trend of the significant increase of the imported logs of the enterprises under the jurisdiction, Dalian Changxing Island customs has specially optimized the log clearance process, shortened the time of the entry log clearance to within 24 hours, encouraged the enterprises to communicate well in advance when the logs leave the place of origin, so as to handle the ship quarantine formalities at the first time when the logs arrive at the port, and achieve the seamless title of ship quarantine and log surface quarantine Then, fully guarantee the “zero delay” of customs clearance.

The improvement of customs clearance efficiency has reduced the cost of port detention, logistics and other costs of the enterprise’s goods, guaranteed that the enterprise urgently needed raw materials to be put into production in the first time, made great efforts to help the enterprise to recover the losses caused by the epidemic situation, and guaranteed the return to work and production of the wood processing enterprise in Dalian area. According to statistics, since this year, Dalian Changxing Island customs has released 15180.75 cubic meters of imported logs, up 167.5% year on year.

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