Design Options of Custom Made Sauna

Advantages of Custom Made Sauna 

1. Flexibility 
When you are ordering a customized sauna, you have the flexibility to choose the shape and the size of your sauna. Now you don’t have to worry about where you are going to get the system installed, if you have enough space or not. Rather, you can get the sauna as per the room and space available.

2. Uniqueness 
As said before, uniqueness is one quality that we all humans endure. We all wish to stand out, so why settle for less when we can get exactly what we want and how we want.

So, if you’re a person who doesn’t really go with the standard brown color and instead yellow is your shade, well you don’t have to settle anymore. You can embrace your unique and out of the box taste and get the sauna which suits your decor and taste.

3. Cost Effective
If you are one of those who want a personalized sauna but doesn’t have the right budget for it, then you can actually cut down on the cost by opting out certain facilities. Basically, you can bring the price of the sauna within your budget and get it installed.

4. For Specially-Abled 
The most beautiful feature of custom made sauna is that it can be designed in a way that it can be easily accessed and used by even differently-abled people without them having to depend on others for some support. After all, they are also humans and they deserve every shred of happiness and luxury just as we do.

Design Options of Custom Made Sauna

1. Shape and size based on your preference and number of user
2. Type of wood materials
– Damar Minyak (Malaysia)
– Spruce (Finland)
– Cedar (Canadian)
3. Type of heater
– Wood-fired heater
– Hot stones heater
– Electric heater
– Infrared heater: ceramic heater, carbon heater
4. Seating arrangement: 1-tiered, 2-tiered, U-shaped, L-shaped
5. Paneling installation direction for walls: horizontal or vertical
6. Type and size the of door
7. Skirting panel to protect wallboard from sweats and cover the gaps between the benches
8. Ergonomic backrest to sit comfortably
9. Additional features
– MP3 auxiliary output
– LED lighting for colour therapy

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