Difference between sauna and sweat steaming 

Difference between sauna and sweat steaming

In order to dispel the cold in winter, many people choose sauna or sweat steaming. The effect is good. Experts say there is a big difference between the two. First, they have different temperatures. If they are sweaty, the temperature will be around 45 degrees, and if they are sauna, it will be over 60 degrees. In addition, their principles are different and their benefits will naturally be different. Everyone needs to choose according to their actual situation.

What’s the difference between sauna and sweat steaming?

I. Different Temperatures

1. The temperature of the sweat room is about 45 degrees. (People can stay in it for 40 minutes to 1 hour or so, people generally do not have any physical discomfort if they stay in it for a short time.) Sweat after sweat steaming does not have any sticky odor.

2. The indoor temperature of sauna can reach above 60 C. (People will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath when they stay in the sauna room for 5 to 10 minutes.) The sweat that people eliminate is sticky and smelly, and can only be removed after taking a bath.

What’s the difference between sauna and sweat steaming?

2. Different Principles

1. Sweat steaming is a comprehensive physical condition which combines far-infrared ray, negative ion, various minerals, trace elements and bioelectricity, and it is the most direct way to health care for human body at zero distance. It is through high temperature that human pore expands, promotes blood circulation, and expels sweat and toxins accumulated in the body.

2. Sauna is a process of physical therapy with vapor in a closed room. Under high temperature environment, it can produce internal heat effect in the deep layer of skin, expand capillaries of the whole body, sweat a lot, and then continuously shrink and expand blood vessels through successive cold and hot alternations, helping to eliminate toxins in the body and maintain blood vessels.

What’s the difference between sauna and sweat steaming?

3. Different benefits

1. The benefits of sweat steaming: it can alleviate arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms, and has a cosmetic effect, can make the skin smooth and help to lose weight.

2. The benefits of sauna: preventing vascular sclerosis can relieve pain and relax joints. Many skin diseases, such as ichthyosis, psoriasis and pruritus, have different therapeutic effects.

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