Different forms of opening doors, playing with the new trend of wooden doors

Different forms of opening doors, playing with the new trend of wooden doors

Do you pay attention to the types of door opening in modern household? What is the impact of different door types on the whole home environment? This article will make a brief introduction.

Door is one of the indispensable elements in modern home, and different types of door opening are very important for making full use of space and improving the appearance of the house.

In modern home, the types of door opening are mainly hinge door, folding door, sliding door and other styles. Let’s learn about different types of door opening.

I. hinged door

The hinged door is a traditional door, which is fixed on one side opening by hinge, and the hinge can be seen or hidden. The opening mechanism of the door is very simple: it can be opened by rotating.

Hinged door is the most common and common existence in modern home decoration, especially in the choice of entrance door and door, it is the most priority, practical and convenient, and low cost.

But the hinged door should consider the space of the door and the influence of the door opening on the space moving line, so it may not be very friendly to the small house type.

II. Folding door

The door can be installed outward or inward, or left or right. It all depends on the structure of the room and the needs of the users.

Many modern houses have smaller rooms or mini storage space, and the folding door can be folded back, thus reducing the space occupied by the door itself, which is an ideal choice.

III. sliding door

The sliding door is the most space-saving one. It doesn’t need to consider the size of the door. The door is parallel to the wall, so that the door is not affected by the space. Mainly divided into embedded and exposed.

  1. embedded

On the recessed sliding door, the mechanism includes a balance frame installed in the wall, so the installation requires a small amount of construction work. This kind of door ensures the open space and gives people a sense of portability.

  1. naked

Exposed sliding doors are becoming more and more popular. The exposure of slide rails and door panels reflects an American rural style with a strong sense of modeling, which is popular with many young people.

IV. revolving door

Revolving door is a door whose leaf rotates around itself. Because of the pin, it can be pushed in two directions. In this way, by sliding towards the edge of the opening, it takes up much less space than the traditional hinged door.

Revolving door is a solution usually used in public places. Nowadays, revolving door is becoming a popular choice for families. It is easy to camouflage a revolving door installed flush with the wall.

V. double door

If you have many rooms in your home, a double door is the ideal solution for those who want to manage the space without creating too clear zones.

Because of its size, double doors can create truly amazing effects. If you use them on the one hand to create a common multi-functional space, you choose them because of their majestic and important final effect.

Door, the importance of home is self-evident, not only directly affects the overall environment of the home, but also different types of doors have different functional effects. Only choosing the door matching the home can bring people a comfortable life experience.

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